Molly's 30th Surprise

Molly entering the "Wine Cellar" at Biaggi's.
This past weekend was Molly's 30th birthday. Jarod planned an amazing, intimate surprise party with phenomenal food, great atmosphere, and the perfect guest list. Only one couple couldn't make it, but everyone else drove at least 2 hours (some almost 5 hours) to be there for Molly. While she may have not been as surprised as we would have liked...I think its safe to say the evening was very much a success! Seriously, it was such a perfect evening! Oh, and all my pictures are from Marie...she was one of the few people who actually remembered a camera...

Speaking of she is, seated next to the birthday girl. They very much look like sisters here! But then again, Marie has always fit right in and felt like a sister.
Mol & Jarod...what a great picture. I hope I look this good at 30. :)
Group shot
What an amazing sister I have...I had SO much fun helping Jarod with the details of the party!
No, Sara didn't finally have a girl...she's holding Julie's baby.
The night ended with the guys all at one end and the girls at another...classic.
Julie and Marie
Seriously...such a great evening. I really did enjoy it despite being the only single person there, roughly 8-12 years younger than everyone else, and no kids to talk was fun to just sit back and enjoy a great group of people and see Molly enjoy herself. Mad props to Jarod for his great idea!


Sandra said...

how fun!! Happy 30th to Molly!!

Looks like a super good turn out and some great people!!

Betsy said...

"Mad props"???

I don't know what that means but I agree with it! Mad props to you, Jarodius.

(And to Marie for remembering the camera and Em for that cool-looking cake, love the color of the icing!)

Linda said...

Good work, Jarod! Great pictures, Marie! Thanks for posting and helping, Em! It's a good thing we couldn't come- we would have been the odd (old) couple of the group :) Happy 30th Mol!!
PS I've never heard of mad props either??

Christen Leigh said...

This all looks so fun! Happy belated birthday, Molly. :)

A couple comments....
1-I think I have heard of "mad props", although it did make me smile. Maybe we made this up on some slap happy evening? Or maybe you alone know the source of the mysterious phrase......

2-Did you make that cake? It kind of looks like your handwriting.....and you are posing with Molly in the picture....... which leads me to ask when did you become an amazing cake decorator because that is seriously good?!?

smw said...

this looks so fun. i am SO bummed that we couldn't be there. :(

J Gutwein said...

Oh man... this makes me bummed we live so far away! What did Julie name her little girl.. I did not know! Love, Jenny

J Gutwein said...

Ooh.. forgot to put that Molly looks fantastic!!!

Daveana said...

Okay so
1. Location looks Amazing!
2. Molly looks amazing and I have to agree, I want to look that great at 30.
3. I applaud you for the cake! You go Em! Seriously! :)
4. I have def. heard of and used mad props! It's been a while, but I have!

emilykate said...

Oh boy...I must clear the air. I did not make the cake. The restaurant wouldn't let us bring in anything that wasn't from a bakery. I did order the cake from my good friend at the Meijer bakery and tell her how I wanted it. Otherwise, I cannot take credit.

Mad props...I believe I learned this phrase my freshman year of college at IU from good guy friend. He was an east coast boy.

Oh, and Jenny, Julie named her baby Abbi Grace.

Molly said...

Wow, I feel like I'm turning 30 all over again with such a fun post and kind comments! It really was an amazing, humbling party. "Mad props" to Em for helping plan it too! :)

I'll have to remember this 7+ years from now:).

leah said...

oh man, this is just TOO much fun! i love it! go emily! go jarod! go molly! go the bakery that made a cake that looked like em's handwriting!!


Sara Huber said...

Yes, this was just a blast. Great people, great night!