good intentions

i would like to be someone who is "well read". so over the past few months i've bought or acquired quite a few books...
book one:

 this one was sent to me for free from VOM per my request. sounded interesting/encouraging. 

book two:

this one is currently on loan from the library. it came highly recommended by my sisters.

book three:

this one has been on my "to read" list for almost a year.

book four:

this one, not only a timeless classic, but it looks cool as well.

books five & six:

these two were very cheap at a bookstore in Michigan. they were very promising "vacation reads".

book seven:

this was a random (and overpriced) airport purchase to wait out a delayed flight.

so how did i do?

book one (hearts of fire): haven't even opened it out of the plastic wrapping.

book two (the forgotten garden): read the first two pages before i fell asleep and haven't picked it up since.

book three (crazy love): read chapter one...a month ago.

book four (pride & prejudice): have had this one for almost a year...i think back in january or february i read a few chapters.

book five (pat hobby stories): read about 10 pages on family vacation.

book six (madame bovary): haven't turned one single page.

book seven (to have and have not): read half of the first chapter in the airport until i decided people watching sounded more fun. once again, haven't touched it since.

like i said...good intentions.


Nick and Adrienne said...

Haha! Em I cracked up at this post! You really should retry Pride and Prejudice, it's one of my faves:) Oh well...

leah said...

the only one i've completed is crazy love...which i didn't really read...gotta love audio books! :) that one is for sure worth it! :D

haha. i have about 4 books i start & never finish as well. ah life. :)

leah said...
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Daveana said...

Kind of sounds like me right now...I have several that I need to read, but I somehow never have time anymore.

Pride and Prejudice is with out a doubt one of my favorite books, definitely been through it over a dozen times...

L, An and boys said...

Ah yes...I'm really bad at reading more than one book at a time. I try to read a book a month. I put a little note at the top of my month planner page with a check box for when it's done. That check box keeps me going back to the book even if it's not a great find because I love to check things off. ;) I'm usually happy I finished it. I started reading through the pulitzer prize list from the oldest awards on...there were some distasteful (I thought) reads after getting through a lists aren't always the best place to start I don't think. I've stopped that list and now just raid the classic section at the library. Hope you get through some of books...and hope you get to "check" something off when you do. =)


Betsy said...

Funny Em! I just blogged about a book I read - sounds like we've been on the same wavelength! Thanks for the Bday shout out!