A Suprising Vibe

Well, I'm not sure if I just picked difficult options or if my sister Sara is the only one who knows me well...but she was the only correct guesser! Yes, choice A, the Pontiac Vibe is what I've been driving since last Wednesday. 

But I do have a confession...I'm kind of enjoying it. Now while I still wouldn't ever buy this car and it's definitely not "me". It has really grown on me. Its super fun to drive. Compact, but has good space and I like the whole hatchback thing.

But in my defense...I'm driving a new model that GM revamped. The old model looked like this...

I think it's very fair that this was once one of my most despised vehicles. (Apologies to anyone who had/has one.)
Sara was also very right when she commented, "I think you don't really like any of them." True...all four choices were four vehicles I either think are ugly or just boring. Jodi...in my defense...I totally did not associate this newer, white Impala with the infamous maroon Im-puh-luh, that car will always be dear to my heart. :)

And to all those who picked the Focus hatchback...it was definitely a good guess and maybe even the best guess, though the wrong one.

Hopefully by Tuesday at the latest I'll be back in my beloved Honda.

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leah said...

i must admit, you looked pretty classy in that vibe this weekend...the new you if that honda doesn't work out for you ;)

love you!