catch twenty-two

seems like a good age, right? definitely more grown up-sounding than 21, but still young and qualifies as "early twenties". i feel like it's a good spot to be in.
i turn 22 tomorrow, and as usual i always love my birthday and get  excited about it. unfortunately i usually set my expectations a little too high, so i think i've learned my lesson on that one.

last year 
was a great time at purdue with my friends. thinking back to my 21st confirms how much really has changed in the last year of my life.  my thought is that a year from now my life will be quite similar to how it is at present (which i'm totally fine with), but of course life is never predictable, even when i'm 95% positive that my next year is, in fact, predictable.

maybe the reason i love my birthday week so much is because i let myself justify a lot of things because of it. such as daily starbucks, a new outfit, chex mix for lunch and a scone for dinner (aka yesterday). or maybe i'm just that selfish and love any excuse for things to be about me...very possible. but i prefer to go with the first one...

here's one thing i will say...i don't like surprises. i never have. i'm the type of person that at least wants an idea of what's going on...but mainly, i'm an expectation person. when anything doesn't meet my expectations, it really throws me off, and definitely throws my mood off (which anyone close to me can verify). i'm not really sure how one goes about changing this?

the best way i've found to cope is to set very low expectations, assume things won't be that great, and then things seem to turn out pretty good. this mindset, has in turn, created a pesimistic almost-22-year-old emily kate.

unfortunately, i'm also a dreamer. i'm so good at creating ideal situations in my mind or convincing myself of how things will play out and how people will behave to meet my expectations for them.

hence a catch 22, which i feel could be my chosen theme for this year.  fitting, right?

(for my uneducated readers: a catch 22 can be described as a 'no win situation'.  which i will go ahead and assume i have no uneducated readers and therefore cannot have just offended anyone. please don't inform me otherwise.)

so for my birthday weekend i will set low expectations, while secretly hoping for something amazing to happen.

disclaimer: this blog post is in no way a hint for people to make a big deal out of my birthday (i am aware not everyone cares about me as much as i do) becuase if you did, then you'd just be crushing my expectations of what this weekend will entail. and for those close to me who deal with my moods (cough-leah/christen-cough) they would probably appreciate some stability from me.

on that note, i really do think it will be a fun weekend with friends, and then next weekend a fun weekend with family. i'm so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life who care enough to want to celebrate my birthday with me. mostly, i'm so fortunate to have a Savior who cares more about me than anyone ever could...psalm 139


Linda said...

Wow Em- you think too much for me! Very creative in coming up with the "Catch 22". (I know where you get it, and it's not from me :) Hope you have a great birthday and enjoy the time with friends! This birthday will stretch out for a couple weeks- that should be fun!

leah said...

nothing like coming home from a long day and reading a post from emily! :)

i love you girl!!

these posts ALWAYS make me smile.

hope you had a fun time tonight and i'll see your pretty birthday face tomorrow!

Sara Huber said...

Ha, good post Em. Happy 22 years to my baby sister!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Emily! Hope your expectations were met!

(I agree...22 IS the perfect age!)