He is jealous for me

after ringing in 2010 with a great group of purdue friends...

i boarded a flight with two of my closest friends, joe & ashley.

we headed down to a little place called the "atl", also known as "hotlanta". let me tell you, the atl wasn't so hot from january 2-5. in fact, they were seeing some of the coldest temperatures ever for that time of year in the south.
i, of course, left not one, but three winter coats in my car that sat at the airport. "oh its georgia, sweaters and light jackets will suffice" i said to ashley as she wisely took her coat. i was wrong. but that's besides the point.

so as previously mentioned, we headed out for a worship conference called Passion...most people know about it because of the live worship cds they produce afterwards...

i have to admit, i was drawn in by the stellar lineup...

David Crowder Band
Matt Redman
Beth Moore
Louie Giglio
Chris Tomlin
Hillsong United
Frances Chan
John Piper
Charlie Hall

and i was NOT disapointed!

in fact, i was even pleasantly surprised by discovering new interests such as kristian stanfill...
okay so maybe i was more intruiged by his looks than his musical ability.

and i knew hanging with these great friends would definitely be amazing...

but it didn't end up being about the names, the friends, or anything else. even knowing Passion would be great for me spiritually, i have to say that it exceeded my expectations in every single way possible.

God wanted me at Passion2010, and made sure i got there with an open heart. He opened my eyes to so much over those few days in the midst of what that Passion leaders like to call an awakening.

i have never felt the Spirit of God so powerfully. and moving among 21,000 18-25 year olds. it was phenomenal. God used the worship sessions as well as the speakers to really challenge me and i was awakened to His glory more than anything.

i could go on for forever about the topics and what i learned...but the bottom line is you can never really be the same after meeting God in such intimate way. i was so blessed to be surrounded by so much truth.  nothing was watered down. the truth was spoken and i know God is working.

starting off 2010 with Passion was the best way i've ever begun any year. i'm so thankful God called me there.

if you're interested in why/how this got started, their mission, etc...check out:

"Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts."
Isaiah 26:8


Christen Leigh said...

Kristian Stanfill, eh? I'll have to check him out.... :)

For real, though.... I've said it about a million times, but Passion sounds amazing.

I love the theme verse. I remember listening to a talk of Loui's a couple years ago that really focused in on it, and I've liked it a ton ever since. Excited to see you in a few!

Tricky said...

Amen, sis, Amen!!!

joel.reinhard said...

I was a little disappointed to read your stellar lineup and not see a Joel Reinhard under Charlie Hall...but i knew my time would come when hanging with these great friends...yet sigh, no pic of Joel.

Guess who.