my destiny.

i love to travel. my ultimate dream is some crazy fun career where my job is to travel around the world and write about it. realistic, i know.

i also love sun and warm weather (who doesn't?). so combine the two...and i believe traveling in warm, sunny weather should be a standard part of my life.

it all started in third grade when we went to florida for christmas and i realized i would much rather spend the holidays on the beach and leave the snow! then fourth grade was san diego over spring break....and it kept going throughout the years, each winter brought some sort of trip to either mexico, florida, or arizona. and i continued the trend throughout college (okay i'm sounding like a spoiled brat...maybe my siblings have been right all along....) winter trips are always the highlight of december through march (yes, even more so than christmas or my birthday).

unfortuntately it was looking like this winter would put a halt to my vacation planned. i started to ponder what exactly winter would be like with no was a scary thought!

then i found my solution...or destiny if you will...

the carnival destiny ship quickly cast out all my fear of a desolate and depressing winter.

the rumor is that it leaves miami on march 4 heading south to cozumel.

the other rumor is that i will be on board, along with some fun chicas.

my outlook on winter has suddenly brightened, my motivation to eat better has suddenly increased, along with a new passion for my treadmill. i'm even considering a couple trips to the tanning bed (gasp!). ahh...ptl for warm places and friends who will plan a last-minute trip. in the words of my good friend..."it will be totally worth it!" and if it's anything like our last trip to mexico...i couldn't agree more!


Christen Leigh said...

I am reciting that verse that says to "rejoice with those who rejoice" to counter my intense feelings of jealousy...... ;)

No really, you are going to have an amazing time! I have personal experience on good 'ole carnival cruise lines--def. a good experience.

By the way--looks like I'll be in Leo again this weekend..... prepare for a frenzy of fun!

Christen Leigh said...
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Sara Huber said...

What?? Who's going?? love you!

Daveana said...

Sounds like fun Em- I had a blast when I went on a carnival cruise. I also think the ultimate dream would be to travel around the world......interesting....

Have a great week! Miss you!

Betsy said...

oooohhh la la
cozumel will never be the same.

leah said...

so i just heard a crazy statistic this morning on the radio about the number of people that go to the ER b/c of flying off the treadmill.

please be careful my dear.


Sandra said...

super super fun!! Have you ever been on a cruise? Its so worth it and such a cheap way to vacation for a week!!! We are heading out on a cruise as well next year 2011 for our 10 year anniversary. Heading to Greece, Turkey and a few others:). HAVE FUN come MARCH!!

emilykate said...

Sandra that sounds amazing!!