Soren, Summer Vacation, and The End of an Era

Soren is a couple weeks past two months by now. He is such a sweet baby. He's rarely fussy and rarely cries. When he does get upset it seems to be randomly in the car or evenings and usually I attribute it to being over tired. He smiles so easily and loves to "talk". At his two month well-check he was 13 lbs, 5 oz, which put him around 85th percentile for weight. Even with all his spitting up, he's gaining weight like a champ. He's well into 3-6 month clothes which is new for my babies. The other boys always wore whatever size clothes of the age they were. 

Around two months old he started sleeping longer stretches and dropped a night feeding which was a welcome surprise. I try not to have any expectations for sleep so it caught me off guard when suddenly 5-6 (sometimes up to 8) hour stretches became the norm at night. Although I don't think two weeks can be considered "the norm". So we'll see... We love Soren Devin so much and are really enjoying having him around, even if he makes our (my) summer a lot less flexible.


We spent the week of the 4th up at the lakehouse with mom, dad, and Betsy's family. Such a good week. Unusually hot weather, lots of fishing, beach time, ice cream...the usual.

Now we're home and enjoying our last month of freedom before Henrik starts school. It's hitting me hard that we're about to have a kid in school full-time. I really cannot believe how quickly 5.5 years have gone with Henrik and that we'll be sending him off to Kindergarten, ending the era of having all our young kids at home. So weird. 

Deciding where Henrik would go to school was not an easy decision. We considered all the options...public, private, and homeschool. Homeschooling and private ended up being the final two that we deliberated about for months (public isn't a great option for us because of our current school district). It was really good for me to pray through and consider the option of homeschooling because it revealed a lot about who I am, what I value, and what type of needs Henrik has. Ultimately I was able to confidently say homeschooling was not right for Henrik and definitely not right for me and my interests. It was freeing to be able to put that to rest even though we liked some of things that option offered our family. So Henrik will start his school years at the private Christian school where he did preschool. I am super confident in this being a great place for him for this year even if the adjustment to 5 full days a week is hard.

But for now, looking forward to a few more weeks of summer!


smw said...

Glad you feel settled about schooling! Always feels like such a big decision.

leah said...

soren is just the sweetest -- that swim outfit is just too much!