Life with all the boys

This pictures absolutely takes my breath away. Look at all these beautiful boys (and man)!

Overall I'd say the transition to having three kids has gone pretty well. Having over a three year gap between babies this time around was very nice and I'm glad that's how things worked out. In a lot of ways, it's been easier having 3 than I thought it would be, but there are for sure days that are long and overwhelming. I'm perpetually behind on my to-do list, but I expected that. Devin and I, who both enjoy a tidy home, have agreed this is a season where things are going to feel less put together and that's ok. 

For the most part Soren has been a great baby. Weeks 2-4 he was fussy in the evenings and from time to time seems to have some digestive issues that make him uncomfortable. But he's easily consoled and overall a content baby. He's up to nurse 2-3 times during the night. With my first baby I would have been losing my mind and wondering why he wasn't sleeping longer or "through the night" but I have no expectation for that anymore. I think it's healthy for babies to nurse during the night for several months and it's good for my milk supply. Of course I'm always happy when he'll do a longer stretch, but this newborn season goes so quickly and I'm enjoying the time with him, even during the night.

I think I keep enjoying each baby more and more! Around 5 weeks we started getting some smiles and by now (6.5 weeks) he's smiling and cooing consistently and melting all of our hearts. He's such a dear. 

Henrik has maintained his interest and love for Soren and is always happy to see him and interact. Ira is super sweet to Soren as well. Maybe I'm missing something, but the older boys haven't seemed too impacted my Soren's addition to our family. A couple times I've wondered if their behavior is tied to the change in our family, but mostly I think they've weathered it all very well.

It's been a little sad to feel more restricted on our summer activities. It's pretty easy to take Soren places, but I do feel limited going out with all three of them and knowing Soren will want to eat and that may be inconvenient with where we are. So we have been home more than any of us would prefer and the last couple weeks there have been some long days where everyone is a little restless. But things are going to pick up and be pretty busy the next few weeks so I should enjoy the down time. 

Vanessa Stoller Photography did an amazing job on our newborn/family session. Here are a few of my favorites...


Betsy said...

Oh those pictures are so gorgeous and completely capture personalities, time of year, even Love that you're adjusting expectations accordingly with the addition of a 3rd, but I think it won't be long before taking out all 3 feels more doable. Can't wait to see you and snuggle Soren!

leah said...

oh what beautiful pictures of a beautiful family!!!!!

love to hear your thoughts as you transition to a family of 5 - sounds like you are handling it with grace!

love you friend!

Linda said...

Wonderful pictures of you and your boys! What a blessing!