Henrik is 5

Wow, five years with our boy.

What to even say about a boy who is learning and changing so much right now. I have his preschool picture from the Fall hanging above where I'm typing and as I glance at it I can't help but think how much he's changed even in the last few months. I love to see him learn new things and ask good questions. He challenges me in about every way possible, which means he's also very good my own personal growth.

Henrik is bright, inquisitive, and extremely in tune with his surroundings and others. Like any traits, they have up sides and down sides. While his emotional intelligence is quite high for his age, it's also developing a self-awareness and insecurity of what other's think that I had hoped would still be a few years off. He loves people and interacting with adults. Quality time and affirmation seem to be things he can never get enough of. Thankfully his brother has turned into a good playmate! He has definitely latched on to whatever his dad does, so hockey is king.

Henrik has a strong justice side and maybe a little bit more black and white than I expected him to be. He often talks of wanting to be a police officer so he can put bad people in jail. He often wonders if God is pretend since his prayers aren't answered how he thinks they should be. His brain always seems to be turning and thinking through something.

Some favorites...

Color: blue
Show: Wild Kratts
Movie: Cars 3
Toy: "pull back hockey" (Playmobile NHL rink)
Treat: Fruit snacks
Meal: Spaghetti (same as last year)
Friends: Tripp
Place: Museum

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Unknown said...

Loved reading this! You will be so glad you're writing these posts to look back on.