July 2017

What a month...

Transition. Decisions. Backing out of decisions. Vacation. Broad Ripple.

That about sums it up!

I know July isn't over, but I'm at a coffee shop on a Saturday afternoon which never happens and we also don't have internet at our rental place so if any sort of blog is going to happen, it has to be now.
We are heading into our last week in Indy. Moving sooner than expected due to (me) not liking the duplex we're renting. Location is amazing...space, not so much. I told my dad it was the worst place I'd ever lived, to which he replied that I've had a pretty good life. :)

We aren't finding a home in FW and having trouble nailing down which area we want to land in anyway so we're taking advantage of Devin's grandpa's empty house and moving there while we find a place. Henrik is enrolled in preschool, my BSF registration is transferred (sad about this...love my Indy class SO MUCH), so I suppose it's time to dive into yet another transition! I'm trying really hard to look at this as a familiar move but not like we're moving back into our old life, because I know a lot can change in two years. I've certainly changed a lot in two years.

We were on vacation at my parent's lake house for about ten days which was seriously the balm my soul needed. It was 75 and sunny nearly everyday and we just had a fabulous time. I've said it before, but that vacation home is the very best gift my parents have ever given us.

My sister had a baby! Sweet little Cal joined our family on the 11th. 

The boys and I have been utilizing our Children's Museum pass while we can! Another place we'll miss a lot. 

And this is really random, but I was trying on gauchos in Madewell and laughed a lot and snapped a picture. They were navy with an elastic waist...basically identical to the pairs I remember my mom and Grandma P wearing in the summers as they 'put up' corn. :) 


leah said...

love your pictures from the lake house!

& praying for all your upcoming transition! (yay!!!)

smw said...

You look adorable in the gauchos.

All the upheaval would be hard for me, but so glad you have a nice place to land in the interim.

Sara Huber said...

Ha, I loved the "put up" corn comment. :) Love you em!

sarah.flyingkites said...

THat gaucho thing is hilarious!!!

I liked reading this update because I feel like I've been confused to your whereabouts based on your Insta posts. A rental house makes sense now (I guess I could actually text you...or ask Leah :)).

Uhg, transition sounds hard, but I hope it will go smoother than you anticipate!

T and M said...

Praying for your move and transition back! Crazy how fast two years goes

Daveana said...

Your hair looks so long in the last picture. (Sorry I'm commenting on every post backwards.)