Ira, age 2

Oh sweet Ira. He is just a delight. Of course he's a normal child, with bad days or weeks, teething, sassiness, but overall this child has been a complete joy to parent. I've been waiting for his sweet disposition to change now that he's two, but mostly he's just an easy and fun kid to have around. He's been taking off in language development over the past 4 months or so. I've been impressed with his verbal skills for his age and while I know all kids get to the same level eventually, it's been a relief to me that both of our boys have developed good verbal skills at a young age, it just makes life a little easier.

Ira is sensitive. A stern look or word can often send him into tears, which is very new compared to the older brother in the house. At the same time he can hold his own with Henrik, has strong opinions, and isn't afraid to fight for what he wants. He mimics Henrik in any way possible, sometimes even standing next to him and just repeating every single thing that comes out of Henrik's mouth. I love the bond they're developing. I love that Ira has learned to play and be independent at an earlier age because of his brother.

Sometimes I wonder if this is because I didn't really leave him at all for the first 11 months of his life, but Ira still struggles with separation. It ebbs and flows in severity, but sometimes even me leaving to run and get groceries will send him into tears and a plea to "come with mama". Since day one, he's always been happiest in my presence, which I find very endearing. Of course he loves his dad a lot too.

Ira's stats:

Height: 2'11" (81%)
Weight: 31 lbs (81%)

Food: He's gotten a bit pickier these last couple months. Until recently he'd eat anything I put in front of him. This is mostly still true, but isn't doing quite as well with vegetables. He could live on protein and fruit if I let him. His absolute favorite treats are fruit snacks and suckers.

Likes: Wrestling, cars, chasing, tickling, monster trucks, singing (especially Good Morning God), outdoor play, any time Henrik will include him, going to the 'climbing place', snuggles and 'rocky byes' before nap and bedtime, giving side-eye glances to make us laugh.

Dislikes: Hunger (if this kid wants food, watch out), Henrik gets too rough with him, transitions (when it involves leaving mom or dad), when I tell him he has to have water instead of milk, loud beeps or "scary" noises, when I tell him it's bedtime, and his ultimate dislike right now: the childcare at the Y...he totally loses it, which is why I rarely make him go.


Sara Huber said...

The side-eye glances are the best! Love you Ira!

Betsy said...

This is great Em, you'll be so glad you wrote these things down! I agree, from the videos you've sent Ira seems very verbally on his way for his age. It's precious that he still wants to be with you, most of all.

Linda said...

I enjoyed this update on Ira. He is indeed a dear boy and I think he has his momma wrapped around his finger....and there's nothing wrong with that! How sweet that he loves being with you!

leah said...

oh sweet ira - loved this little update on him!