Henrik, Age 4

Henrik has been four for almost a month now, though it kind of seems like he's been four a long time. Months leading up to turning four, many people were taken back if he would say he was three, for some reason he just seems a bit older than he is. Maybe because of how he converses.

Henrik Sebastian is smart, strong-willed, and has an emotional intelligence that tends to catch me off-guard. He loves to interact and talk with adults and in certain settings will pick an adult or two to latch on to. In my family, it's 'auntie' (Molly), at BSF it's Mrs. Shirley on Tuesdays and Mrs. Mary on Wednesday (who isn't even his teacher). With our friends it's Brad. At church it's Ryan. Maybe this is really normal for four-year-old boys, but from what I've observed he is much more excited about and willing to chat with adults that other kids his age.

Henrik is very in tune with other's emotions. When reading books he's often wondering why people are "making that face" and what it means about how they feel. I love this about him.

Henrik has incredible memory when it comes to events and certain things tied to those events. He still talks about things from when he was very little and I can never believe he remembers the things he does. Unfortunately his memory seems to be fairly selective. If he's not interested, he doesn't really try to learn or remember something. This can be frustrating when trying to teach him something of an academic nature. He really has to buy into something to decide to learn it. He also seems to be resistant to learning certain things from me, which is one of the many reasons I don't think homeschooling would be a good decision for him.

Henrik will go to Pre-K this Fall and seems pretty excited at the thought of going to school.

He loves activity...hockey, soccer, wrestling, dancing...I'm trying to figure out what sport to put him in this summer, but it's hard to choose because he's interested in so many. He's counting down the days until his "gym and swim" class starts up at the Y.

Weight: 38 lbs
Height: 3'5"


Color: Blue
Show: Dinotrux
Movie: Cars
Toy: Dinotrux / Lighting McQueen
Song: Stereo by Mike Mains + The Branches (not kidding)
Treat: suckers
Meal: Spaghetti
Friends: Annelise and Emelyn
Place: Cornerstone (local church that built a huge indoor climbing/play area)
Restaurant: Chick-fil-a


sarah.flyingkites said...

He reminds me a little of my nephew Leo (who will be 4 in May). SO SMART and articulate.

Enjoy watching your Instagram stories about Henrik -- man he's a heartbreaker! :)

Betsy said...

Em, love this info about Henrik...he is such a spunky one, and reminds me of both you and Devin simultaneously. Funny about latching onto adults thing - that is so true of him! Very rare, I think, Em. My boys couldn't care less if adults are in the room!

leah said...

i love this. he is such a great kiddo. can't wait to see what's in store for him and his sweet heart!