Friendsgiving 2016

Since going to Mexico with some of my friends, I thought it sounded fun for all of us to get together with our kids and husbands. A Friendsgiving seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was such a fun evening. I'm glad I documented this a little since I took absolutely zero pictures at our family Thanksgivings.

For the starters we did bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with goat cheese. And a cheese platter with crackers. The main course was a pork tenderloin that was supposed to have a maple-balsamic glaze. I had the glaze prepared and then forgot to reduce and serve it. I was so mad about that. Then salad, bread (both brought by others), and a butternut squash risotto. Dessert (all brought in by others) was apple pie and a pumpkin, chocolate cheesecake.

I'm not big on table decor usually because I'd rather focus on the food. But I had fun pulling together a couple centerpieces.

Dev and I are such a good team when it comes to hosting. We really enjoy it. He's always great at helping with whatever I need, like stuffing and wrapping dates which takes forever.

Our kiddos were all so fun and cute. We fed them before dinner and then corralled them around the iPad so we could eat in peace. Though I think they all only sat there at the same time for a few minutes. It made a cute picture. :) 

So thankful for wonderful friends!


leah said...

Was so thankful you organized this! Always love an opportunity to hang out with this group - it was an awesome evening!

sarah.flyingkites said...

this was such a fun idea! I enjoyed hearing about it from Leah.

Betsy said...

Looks so enjoyable. Would it have been better without kids there - or is that just me. :-?

Daveana said...

Aw! What a fun group! Your menu sounds delicious! Everything looks so cute! Still loving your black wall!