Fall 2016

I wanted to document Henrik's precious breakfast prayer one morning. He doesn't often agree to pray, but when he does it's super sweet. "Lord, thanks for this food. Thanks for all your blessings. Thanks for the colorful sky you gave us, it's so beautiful. Thanks for eternal life. Amen." fe. 

It's been a beautiful Fall. I'm really, really thankful for that as we head into the drearier months of the year. The boys loved our morning at a pumpkin patch with a great kids play area. They also really loved trick-or-treating in our neighborhood with friends. We've been doing lots of normal life stuff like walks at the nature preserve, afternoons at our neighborhood playground, and mornings at the Children's Museum. Sometimes it's weird to me how different my boy's childhood is from how mine was. I don't think I had ever heard of a Children's Museum until I went on a field trip to one in late elementary and for my boys going to the zoo or the museum are just normal weekly activities. The town I grew up in didn't even have a stoplight, let alone traffic, and to my boys, traffic is just a normal part of our life. I don't think one is better or worse, just different.

Life feels pretty standard right now. Weeks look similar to one another and life can feel somewhat predictable. But we're always thinking and planning and I feel like right now might be some months of calm before the next round of change. Or maybe we'll be called to stay the same and life will continue to look how it has. Some days I'm more interested in change than others, but usually feel up for some sort of new adventure. I seem to have this curse of longing for change during seasons of predicability, but then not always handling the change very well. We're having lots of discussions on dreams we have or what fits us really well and taking steps towards those things so we don't look back with regret, even if it means taking some risks.

The boys are mostly really fun right now. Ira keeps saying new words all the time and being able to communicate, so that's really fun and cute. He and Henrik get in some really good routines of playing together and having lots of fun as brothers. But they're both very stubborn and not afraid to get rough, so things don't always end well. Henrik seems to really enjoy our days at BSF and is really learning the book of John well so that's exciting. Ira still gets a little upset by me leaving him but is slowly bonding with his teachers so it's getting better. I'm enjoying being a Children's Leader much more than I thought I would and can really see God's hand in this being part of our weeks right now.

Happy Fall!


leah said...

LOVE Henrik's little prayer -- hear some BSF truths in there. ;)

sarah.flyingkites said...

adorable life pictures!

Loved your little comparison with your childhood vs. your kiddos' childhood. So interesting!