Four years ago on a Friday evening, I pledged to love and be faithful to Devin for the rest of my days. It's funny to me that we make these serious and life-long vows to someone when we really have no clue what we're promising. We have no clue what we're going to need to be faithful through. We can't know what will happen and create seasons when it's hard to love.

I knew marrying Devin was the right call despite what would come our way. Again and again I've been thankful that he's the one I'm doing life with. Each month that passes creates new challenges and new joys in sharing life with another person. In four years we've had two kids, lived in three different places, bought two houses, and had 4 career changes between the both of us...whew. When we've settled in, it's never been for long. I couldn't have predicted all that would transpire these past four years, but I'm glad to be diving into to all these surprises with Devin.

Here's to another year of adventures!

Sidenote: after four years I'm still so glad we did an intimate family wedding on a Friday night. Such a great decision!


leah said...

this made me get a little teary-eyed! beautifully said. and that picture is just precious! love you guys!

Daveana said...

Congratulations! Such a darling picture!

Linda said...

It was a special evening! So thankful you have each other to share all this craziness that the last four years have brought! :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

aww. such sweet words. And man, I can't believe all the transitions!!! I'm feeling boring - have had the same zip code for 31 years! :)

And I loved your wedding pictures!

Happy Anniversary!

sandra said...

Happy anniversary!! Your first four years of married life sound very similar to our first four years!! It's a lot to move so many times, with a couple kids in tow. By our 9th year of marriage we had moved 8 times. Makes me tired thinking about it. Been the longest we have been anywhere and that is here going on 6 years:)