Birthday Weekend

This past weekend we celebrated my 28th birthday on Saturday and then Sunday had a party for Henrik. Devin did such an amazing job planning and coordinating the perfect day for me!

My parents generously came down and spent the night with our kids, which meant Dev and I got to have our first night away since Ira was born! He grabbed us a loft downtown through airbnb, close to our dinner plans. First we went to the mall to pick out a birthday outfit, how cute is that? We had pre dinner drinks at Libertine, then we walked over to Union 50 to meet up with my siblings for a birthday dinner. It was the perfect night. My favorite people, amazing food and atmosphere...Devin knows me well and planned things exactly how I would have wanted them. I'm so grateful to him and to my family for making the weekend so special!

Before heading home Sunday morning to get ready for Henrik's party, we waited awhile to have brunch at Milktooth. Devin hadn't been there yet, so we decided it was worth the wait. The food was amazing and creative. We waited for our table with a handpie and a cortado.

Then Henrik's party...

Our dining room is under some renovations, so it doesn't look very good but I tried to remedy the situation with some decorations. I'm not much of a party planner but I did enjoy doing some crafts and planning the food for the party. I'm also not that fond of cake making, but this chocolate quinoa cake was super easy and delicious!

Henrik was so happy to be with all of his favorite people! 


Daveana said...

A quinoa cake sounds interesting. I just love the atmosphere of Milktooth! So fun!

Betsy said...

How fun...all of it! Very creative way of decorating the cake - would have never thought of doing the 3 like that!

leah said...

this is perfect! i'm so glad you had such a great weekend!!

sarah.flyingkites said...

I love how creative and how well Devin knows you.

And H's little banner and sign and cake is just so cute!