The Move

It's funny how there was much anticipation of this move and we waited for it and planned for it and it was unexpectedly pushed back and caused frustration and it felt like life was never going to settle down. Then, suddenly it's over and the new normal feels less new in just a week and in tiny ways this place starts to feel like home. As much as it was nice to hang with family for a couple weeks and not cook, etc., I'm so happy to have our own space to live life in and a new kitchen to cook meals in!

Henrik has asked to go home several times over the last week, which made me want to cry, but at the same time he has adjusted so well to sleeping in a new room and getting used to a bigger, unfamiliar house. Ira could care less where he is, as long as his mom is nearby. :)

Devin loves his job and it's even exceeding his high expectations. His co-workers are great. His boss is great. The office is great. I think if you asked him he'd say he's absolutely happy he made the change and happy to be here.

And then there's some ways this has felt a lot easier than I expected, but there have been hard/sad times as well. I've definitely had days of just missing the familiar, but there are also things I love about our new house and neighborhood that our old one didn't have. We've gone from a 100 year old house in an eclectic neighborhood to a newer home in a housing addition, technically in the suburbs, even though we cross the nearest road and are in city limits. I'm really happy with our location. There's pretty much anything you need within 5-10 minutes and we're so close to major roads and the loop, but our neighborhood is quiet and has lots of big trees and doesn't feel like you're 300 yards from a Starbucks (even though we are). I do miss the character and charm of our last neighborhood though.

I used to think I preferred anonymity, but living in a very small city, I got so used to seeing people I knew and liked it. I was in small group with my chiropractor's son, friends from church lived all around us, we'd run into friends at the park pretty much every time we went. Here, I find myself expecting to run into people I know at the store or wherever. Last night I was walking around home depot and thought for a split second that up ahead was my friend Becca and had to do a quick reality check and remember I wasn't in Fort Wayne anymore. I think in my stage of life as a stay at home mom, anonymity can feel lonely. So hopefully this city will eventually start to feel small as well.

There are still some boxes that need unpacked and areas that need organized...I saved my least favorites for last and keep putting them off. At some point I might just have to have Devin do my closet and the toy room, because those are so daunting to me. Every room in our house, with the exception of two bathrooms, needs painted. A couple rooms even need wallpaper removal. :( So I have 5 paint samples (Devin says they all look the same to him) and am hoping to get our kitchen/living area transformed from dark to light as soon as possible. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post before and after pictures!


Heather Hoerr said...

can't wait to see your place and hang out more! we'll definitely have to do a play date soon... even though we live on opposite sides of the city. :)
side note that I'm sure you care to know about... Creighton's diapers were AWEFUL on Sunday (like 4 of them), so I'm thinking it's definitely the cashews!

Heather Hoerr said...

oh, and I love to organize, if you want any help with that :)

leah said...

sorry - i should have read your blog before i emailed you! (ignore my questions this posts answers ;))

i'm so thrilled that devin's job is going so well and that overall, you are adjusting well. will be really interesting to see if the big city feels smaller over time! can't wait to see your new place and how make it your own!

miss you already friend!

sarah.flyingkites said...

Love hearing your thoughts on this. You have such a way with words. Glad the adjustment is going as good as can be expected and D is loving his job (that would be such a bummer considering it's the reason you moved :))

Looking forward to pictures!

Linda said...

I'm looking forward to helping organize, remove wallpaper and paint!!:)

Daveana said...

I did the same thing when I moved to FW. I still think I'll see people I know from Lafayette at the mall or in Target.