Chicago Fourteen

We had our annual weekend in Chicago with Devin's family. As usual, I got sick, unfortunately much worse this time around. But that's not exciting  - so here are the pictures...

This year there weren't any shows that we were interested in so we spent the afternoon at the Science + Industry Museum...we did the coal mine tour and the IMAX of Flight of the Butterflies. Both were really interesting.

I was of course most fascinated by the food stuff. Like the Twinkie that's been on display for over four years and hardly looks any different. We were also enlightened on the coal mining tour what all has coal byproduct in it. Pretty gross, but it renewed my fervor for whole food eating and using natural body products.

Being pregnant, I was especially interested in the display of preserved fetuses ranging from just a few weeks along to full-term. The baby below was 26 weeks or so which was the closest to where our baby is at. So crazy and such a miracle.

Devin is always in charge of picking our Saturday night dinner sport. This year we went with a small sushi and ramen joint. We were worried whether people would like it but everyone raved about their meals. 

My bowl of spicy pork ramen.

At this point in the trip my head was pounding and I was starting to get a fever. The next 10 or so hours are a blur. Thankfully with some Tylenol and coffee I could make it through breakfast and then Devin and I took off and missed out on the shopping, which was sad because I was planning to pick out new perfume at Anthro as one of my Christmas presents.

Thanks to mom and dad W for taking us on this trip each year!

Brady + Jen

Aaron + Casey

I'm humbling myself and putting this horrible picture up of me. Just keep in mind pregnancy weight and horribly sick. 

We traveled home, met up with my parents who were caring for a very sick Henrik (where I got mine from I suppose) and since then have been housebound just trying to recover. One of these years our holiday plans will not get altered/ruined by sickness, but this is not that year.


Linda said...

Great pictures and recap. The museum looks so interesting! And you look great too- what are you complaining about?! :)

sarah.flyingkites said...

I think you look beautiful but I understand the pregnancy thing :)

Crazy about that Twinkie!! Eek.

Betsy said...

Looks like a fun sad you couldn't stay for longer :(

leah said...

i went to the s&i museum as a kid and still remember seeing those babies, would love to go back again, sounds like fun.

hope you start feeling better soon. :(

L, Ann and boys said...

I remember those babies too... I remember looking all over the place for confirmation in writing that they had died of natural causes because my little brain was quite worried about it. ;) Isn't there a mom and baby together too?