Thanksgiving 2014

Our Thanksgiving looked differently from what it ever has. We usually travel to my parents in the morning and spend the day with my family. This year we stayed local and spent the morning together and then the afternoon and evening with Devin's family.

Henrik's has consistently been gracing up with his presence at 6:30 every morning lately. So by 9:30 our mornings start to feel long and quite productive. I'm so thankful to have Devin around for a 4 day weekend and so is Henrik.

While my boys played with planes and trucks and duplos, I was sweeping and mopping my awful kitchen floor before starting on the pies I took to Devin's family's Thanksgiving. I went with a maple pumpkin pie and a chocolate/pretzel/pecan. I'm not sure I had really ever made pies, at least not recently. I obviously love to cook, but baking is hit and miss for me. I realized that pies really aren't intimidating, you just have to get the crust and baking time right because anyone can mix up a filling.

I'm happy to report my pies turned out really well!

To me, the key in enjoying pie is the whipped topping or ice cream that goes on top. I whipped up some cream with maple syrup and cinnamon - it was perfect. 

After the pie making, I had some time to kill while waiting for Henrik to get up from his nap so we could go and I did something I haven't done in probably six months...painted my nails. I like painted nails, I just never take the time to do it.

Oh and I snapped a couple bump pictures of this boy's first Thanksgiving. The side photos are always much more flattering for my body, so to keep things real I gave you a front shot as well. 

26.5 weeks!

And finally, the main event. We did appetizers with some of Devin's family and then dinner around 5 when the rest arrived. I failed miserably at taking photos. Just this one of Henrik probably messing up a card game. The boy had so much fun running around with his cousins and just bopping around from room to room. He definitely thrives in social situations, which is funny considering who his parents are.

We had a great meal, ate too much, and felt thankful for our families and our God. The light falling snow when we left signified a kicking off of the holidays which felt appropriate. We have quite the weekend schedule leading up to Christmas. It feels a little crazy, but I'm trying to embrace and enjoy it!


Sara Huber said...

Wow, great pies!! And that whipped cream sounds wonderful! You are looking really cute, can't believe you're almost to 3rd tri!

leah said...

those pies look delicious! and i agree with sara, you look so cute! :) glad it was a nice weekend!

Devin B. Wieland said...

It was quite a good 4 days for sure! only thing missing from this recap is a mention of NHL15, which I feel was a pretty big part of the break, for better or worse...

Laura said...

you were missed on Thursday but it sounds like you guys had a fun, relaxing weekend! you look so cute -front pic and side!

sarah.flyingkites said...

You look SO good! And great job on the pies :)