Ending September

Our zoo pass expires in a couple weeks when the zoo closes, so we're getting in some last trips for the season. Cool, empty mornings at the zoo are my favorite.

Last week we went with Devin's sister Casey and her two kids. Canon and Henrik matched. :)                                                   

One day last week my sister Molly had an appointment in Lafayette, so it was a great excuse to go with her and hang out with my sister Sara. So sad I didn't take any pictures of the three of us. It was such a fun afternoon, but went too quickly, as usual.

Henrik got to snuggle with a bunny at Sara's house. So cute. The female rabbit just had babies (they originally thought they had two females, whoops), so now the question is whether or not we want a bunny or two of our own...(if you know my husband at all you can easily guess his thoughts on the matter).

This past weekend we did a progressive dinner with some friends from church, and thus was born our new 'supper club'. We were the first stop for cocktails and appetizers. It was such a fun evening. We served bacon wrapped dates, stuffed jalepenos, and a veggie tray. Devin made our signature gimlets.

I'm so thankful for the friendships we've developed through church. I seriously think our church is full of some of the coolest people ever. So glad we get to be part of it.

And finally...an amazing surprise!

I ran an errand yesterday and come home to this on our chalkboard. :)

We were contemplating some different plans for this weekend I thought Devin was being a bit hesitant on committing. Turns out he found an awesome airbnb room in Grand Rapids during Art Prize (a huge art show/contest that fills the downtown area) and we're going this weekend for a couple days just the two of us! I'm seriously so excited. I typically don't like surprises because I like to anticipate things, so this was perfect - I was still totally surprised but now I can get excited about it and it's less than a week away!


Betsy said...

SO fun, Emily! I am so glad you and Dev get a few days away...and is that the same art show you guys did when you were dating? Fun, fun. Enjoy!

Linda said...

Great update and pictures! I'm glad you can relive some special memories at Art Prize :)

leah said...

YAY for the fun surprise - what a guy!!

sarah.flyingkites said...

So random you are in supper club with John & Em! Now I know 4 cool people from your church :) :)

Have a GREAT getaway!

Joy said...

Is one of the girls in your supper club Addie? I believe that's her name. I was in her group at BSF last year at Brookside church. Sounds like a fun time.

Sara Huber said...

Good for you guys! Sounds so fun. Oh, Henrik would just love these baby bunnies Em. Fiona goes nuts over them!

L, Ann and boys said...

awww...have so much fun! :)

T and M said...

artprize! how fun. i think it's cool that you took a picture with your supper club-i usually forget to document fun evenings like that : )