Daily Life, Skipping Church, & The Midwife

As I look back through old blog posts, I realized that I never regret posting pictures and thoughts from everyday life. It's the stuff you don't really remember but love to relive. So, here's some of our everyday life right now.

For awhile (not lately unfortunately) Henrik was sleeping in late and Devin wouldn't get to see him before he left for work. So he had us send morning pictures. This one makes me laugh - Henrik's expression is so ornery.

I'm finally getting around to reading Love Does by Bob Goff. I'm just casually reading a chapter or two before bed. Really fun read. I have to confess that I often find myself questioning if his stories are true because they're so outrageous! I love how he looks at God and loving people.

The naming of our next child has begun. It's fun having random conversations throwing out various names, most of which get vetoed right away. This was a texting conversation between Devin and I the other day...

Devin was the one suggesting all the W names. :) I am happy to report that we've picked a girl name! And it's actually NOT the name we had picked out if Henrik was a girl. We both love it! Boy name is a different story. I doubt we'll pick one anytime soon. Our ultrasound is in about a month and we do plan to find out the gender this time around (I know, we're selling out), so then we'll know if we need to choose a boy name or not. We haven't decided if we'll be sharing the gender. 

We are still loving our bike rides though they're getting less comfortable for me. Henrik enjoys being carted around to parks and various events downtown. He's even happier if he gets an apple to munch on. Apple is also one of his favorite words to say right now, along with "buh bye and nigh-night". 

I wouldn't say we're big fair people. Crowds, not-my-style craft booths, and overrated unhealthy food is usually my takeaway. But we wanted Henrik to experience his first parade. He loved it! It had all of his favorite things like fire trucks, cars, monster trucks, and tractors. And thankfully he didn't really get the candy concept and was happy to hand it to other kids around him. :)

Henrik likes to do whatever Devin is doing. One morning I went downstairs and found them like this:

The best thing about this past weekend was skipping church. Henrik had gotten up super early and then went back to bed and we knew he'd sleep through at least part of church, but I'd be lying if I said that was our reason for staying behind. This is the main reason...

It was seriously the perfect morning. Cool and sunny and the perfect amount of breeze. I couldn't picture sitting inside all morning. I took a walk alone, listened to the CS Lewis song by Brooke Fraser on repeat and then sat on the front porch sipping tea and journaling. It was the best couple hours I've had in a long time. I told Devin I was way more fed spiritually and refreshed than I ever could have been inside a crowded church building. Nothing against church, we love our church, but sometimes skipping church is totally the right decision. :)


And a little prenatal care/birth update for those of you who care about that sort of thing...

I met my new midwife this morning and am really happy about how this is all turning out. The practice is brand new and was started by a doctor who is the OB chair at one of the local hospitals. The practice is him and three midwives. He is known for being naturally minded and for doing VBACS (which obviously doesn't apply to me) and for being a really Godly man. I'll see my midwife and him and one of them will deliver my baby. So perfect. I seriously can't stand the thought of seeing someone my whole pregnancy only to have a stranger deliver my baby.

This practice is super unique. The midwife I'm seeing is actually just ending her practice of home births, so I love how she thinks. I love her suggestions for any problems I'm having (like giving specific supplement instructions for my migraines so I don't have to take any pain relievers). The practice doesn't do abortions and won't even prescribe birth control, which I love (not convinced putting fake hormones in our body is a good idea). Currently the Doctor is going through the steps to get water births approved at both hospitals where he delivers. Like I said - so perfect for what I was wanting! I seriously feel like it's an answer to prayer to be able to stay local, but get the type of care I believe in. Now we'll just need the baby to cooperate. :)


Sarah said...

Love this look into your everyday (your first paragraph was perfect)

So excited you made that decision for your birth...I don't think you'll regret!

leah said...

love the day-to-days like this!

excited to hear you have a decision on the girl name!! yay! & that all the birthing stuff is working out, sounds right up your alley. :)

L, Ann and boys said...

love the daddy son computer picture :) and the birth plan update ;)

Betsy said...

Fun post, Em. I am curious about the CS Lewis song for obvious reasons. What's the title?

Rachel said...

Love reading about your everyday's and SO excited about your provider choice. He did my VBAC with Olson and I'm really excited to see this practice up and running and hoping I'll be visiting it sometime in the future myself!
Can't wait to read your birth story when #2 arrives :)