The Day for Dads

You, sir, are a very good dad. 

Henrik is so lucky to be raised by you. 

You are not dumb like the dads portrayed on TV (it's cute that annoys you so much).  You are smart and extremely capable.

 I love you for being so heavily involved with your son. I love that at night you often hear him before I do (and not just because it means I get to stay in bed). I love that you make him healthy smoothies and teach him to shoot a hockey puck and play drums. I love that you cuddle up with him on the couch in the mornings and read books. I love that you give him crazy nicknames. I love that you care about how we're raising him and what that means for who he becomes. 

And I'll love it if someday Henrik is just a younger version of you. The more Devin in him the better, I say. 

Happy Father's Day!


Sara Huber said...

Sweet! Yay for A+ dads!

Sarah said...

Such a sweet post!

I'm with Devin on how dumb they make males on TV. My dad always hated Berenstein Bear books growing up bc Papa Bear was such an's true :)

Also good to know I'm not the only momma who sleeps thru their kids crying (even a newborn!) :)

Happy Fathers Day, Devin!

Betsy said...

Great post to honor D...and thanks for the link to the Shauna N. post too. Good stuff.

Linda said...

Beautiful tribute to Devin! We're so thankful and blessed by the "fathers" in our family!

leah said...

this is so special! happy fathers day devin!

L, Ann and boys said...

what is the deal with papa bear always getting in trouble as much as the's weird. In the messy room book mama bear looses it and papa bear fixes everything by making boxes in the most capable way...that one was always my favorite growing up. ;) The blame game one is balanced too come to think of it.

great post and yay for smart daddies that know what's up. :)