Henrik at Sixteen Months

I feel like I'm pretty realistic about my mothering skills. I don't struggle with a lot of mom guilt and tend to know when I'm doing my best and what areas need improvement. So, on that note, formally documenting sweet Benny's life hasn't gone well. No baby book. A "Henrik journal" that has way too many blank pages, and his first year photo book is about 15% done. Yikes.

So, here's my attempt to have some facts about the little sweetie for the future (because I NEVER remember as much as I think I will)...

He really is precious and fun right now. I think starting around six months old I began saying every month "no, this is my favorite stage so far" and I've kept saying it. I love how much he's learning and everyday doing new things that surprise me.

My favorite? His hugs and kisses. Henrik is so boyish, always running and jumping and BUSY, but he's also super affectionate. Lately, when he's really happy or having fun with me, he'll just stop whatever he's doing to come throw his arms around my neck and give the greatest squeeze. It almost makes me want to cry it's so sweet. Then yesterday, I was laying on his floor in his room ("playing" aka resting) he kept coming over to me, grabbing both sides of my face and planting the biggest kisses on my lips.

He's also learning to smile for the camera. :)

His favorite books are the first word type books with several random pictures on a page. I'm always surprised about which books become his favorites because they aren't always the ones that are the most well done in my mind.

I took the drying rack and a basket of diapers out on the porch the other day and before I could even start Henrik just began hanging up the diapers and liners and surprisingly did an okay job! I'm always surprised at things he must be watching me do and I don't even realize it, like when he grabs an earring and brings it over and tries to stick it my ear, or a bobby pin in my hair (which is super cute, but also painful).

He's finally taking an interest in toys like blocks and trucks and playing with them the "right" way. I wondered if this would ever happen or if getting him any toys would continue to be pointless. 

He loves animals. Anytime we're at the park or on a walk he is obsessed with watching any kind of animal, especially dogs and squirrels. And he loved all the "farm" animals at the zoo. This makes us think about getting a pet, but we can always find more reasons not to get one.

We have our less than ideal days as well. I never quite know what his deal is on our "bad" days, but they result in clingy and fussy and fits at any deviation from what he thinks should be happening. These are the days we're waiting outside for Devin to pull in from work and then it's dad duty for the evening. :) 

Devin can't play drums or piano anymore without having some accompaniment. I'm not sure Devin loves this. ;)

He likes to drink pool water until he spits it all back up. I'm hoping he grows out of this soon. 

Henrik won't eat any meat, which we're also hoping he grows out of soon. He won't really eat any vegetables other than peas. He struggles with certain textures and big chunks of things. I feel like this is a result of pureed baby food and if we have any more kids I think I'll forego that stage and go straight to solid food because getting him a balanced diet right now is a pain. Let's just say he's getting a lot of hummus, cheese, and kale/almond butter smoothies these days. He loves fruit. He would eat bananas, raspberries, and grapes all day long.

He's just now transitioning to one nap a day. Somedays the morning nap just has to happen but mostly he goes down after lunch and sleeps for a couple hours. At night he usually sleeps from 8PM to 7AM give or take a half hour. Unfortunately, that half hour usually plays out to 6:30 AM wake time which is less than ideal.

He loves his Baby Einstein videos and is starting to like Bob the Builder and Thomas. He's pretty typical when it comes to things little boys are interested in. He can spot helicopters in the air that are super far away and is so fascinated. I love his curiosity and wonder at things I totally overlook. 

I'm so thankful to spend my days when him (most of the time) and watch him grow and learn. Every single day he makes me laugh, melts my heart, and challenges me. Parenting Henrik is so rewarding and refining!


Sarah said...

Such a sweet post! development is such a gift and a miracle!!

Look at you, now you have a bunch of stuff documented! I love blogging!

Linda said...

Happy to see his cute tennis shoes :)

Linda said...
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Sara Huber said...

Love his darling smile! That hanging up the diapers pic is the best!

leah said...

he is such a sweetie! love hearing this update on your handsome fella! i think cheesin' for the camera was my favorite picture. :D

L, Ann and boys said...

I always figure when they see little dots that are actually air planes in the sky, that it's an eye exam I don't have to schedule. HA ;) Such a cute collection of little Henrick things. :)

Heather Hoerr said...

Fun update! I've been thinking I need to document more about Creighton too... did ok with Beck, but not as good with C. I agree that a varied diet is hard! C is pretty picky too... I'm ready for him to start using a straw so that he can drink a smoothie for breakfast (which I use as my vessel for nourishing Beck with lots of things he thinks he doesn't like :)).

Ashley Neuen said...

What a cutie! Loved the update!