The Nickname Dilemma

Oh Henrik Sebastian. I love this kid so much. You should know that motherhood really has exceeded my expectations (in case after my last post you got the impression it hadn't).

Anyway, we're at a bit of a crossroads with what we call him. I've mentioned before how we end up calling him all kinds of random things. For awhile, Henny was a major one, but somehow that morphed into Benny. And Benny has really stuck. Like, it's what Devin and I call him most of the time. He totally answers to Benny, along with Henrik.

Benny is not a natural shortening of the name Henrik, in case that was lost on you.

We've said multiple times we've got to stop calling him Benny because he will think it's his name. But, maybe that could just be his nickname since his given nickname of Huck totally didn't stick. As soon as I heard people calling him Huck it sounded much too harsh and I knew we wouldn't end up using it.

I'm not sure what we'll do yet...but if I start referring to him as Benny on here, you'll know why.

In recent events...

Trying to keep him occupied one ended in a very wet boy.

Devin has been taking Henrik on bike rides to the park. Sometimes I go along and sometimes they just go when I'm happy to stay home and get stuff done. Anyway, Saturday morning we were doing some landscaping work and Devin found Henrik in the garage sitting in his bike trailer. So cute. What could we do but let him go for a quick ride?

I hung my first window box and was so proud. I love window boxes!

We went to the zoo on opening day, which we would not usually do. We're not opening day kind of people, we're middle of the week when it's quiet kind of people. But, we have a pass (thanks mom!) so we don't feel like we need to stay long and get our money's worth and Devin had some cousins in town that wanted to go.

I was like giddily excited for Henrik to see the lions. Lions were the first animal he was drawn to and he's got a pretty good growl to go along with it. 

And of course we're so happy to have Devin back around to do all these things with us!


L, Ann and boys said...

I thought I would call Gisella: El, Ella, Gigi, or Gi...but I'm most likely to call her Zel-baby (and sometimes Gigi) and it surprises me because I'm not a Z name person normally. :) We go through lots of nick names around here it's probable it will change.
I think "Benny" is an adorable nickname...and I don't think kids are confused by them...Naoh has like...20 different names he answered to around that of them was snowman. I have no idea why that one stuck. haha

leah said...

i think benny is cute too. :) love how sweet he looks in that little bike trailer!

Sarah said...

hehe I saw Benny on Instagram and thought it was a typo. Super cute...nicknames are endearing!

Sara Huber said...

So cute you found him sitting in the bike trailer in the garage!!
He is so sweet, whatever he is called!