The Second Week

The second week both started and ended well. And actually, the middle part was good too. Thus far, this time is going so well and I know it's due to all the prayers. So huge thanks to those praying for us!

We started week two at my parent's, but it was time to head back home. The sun was shining into the front entryway and I could have sat there for hours. That is, until the sun moved away.

I decided I needed to put more effort into my meals and not just eat Henrik's leftovers or random snacks. Here were a couple of my food efforts...

An egg that got too done with roasted veggies my mom sent home with me. Okay, this one didn't really take a lot of effort.

I find that taking the time to chop up salad stuff for the week makes lunch tasty, healthy, and easy. Worth the prep time. This particular salad had cucumber, avocado, orange peppers, cheese, and ham with my go-to dijon balsamic dressing that I'll be posting about soon!

I've been forced to do things that Devin usually does, like take out the trash and recycling and pick up our bi-weekly coffee. We pick up our coffee in the back of a building downtown. It looks sketchier than it is, but I do always feel like I'm doing something illegal when I'm there.

I made enchiladas for Devin and Joe, who he is staying with these 9 weeks...

Let's see...I also spent time with my sister Molly and her family, had bible study where Henrik refused to stay with the babysitter (a first), and had a girls movie night at my place on Friday.

Then Saturday morning Henrik and I made the trek to visit Devin! Here's the boy, enjoying time out of the car at Chick-fil-a.

And then, we were reunited with our beloved husband and father and the world was right again. Can you believe that two weeks was the longest we had gone not seeing each other since the day we met?!  Literally, from our very first face-to-face meeting we managed to not spend more than 5 days apart until now.

Needless to say, I was quite smitten to see my boy.

We had Chicago style pizza Saturday night with Joe. Can you believe it was my first Chicago pizza experience?! LOVE...seriously, amazing.

It was well past Henrik's bedtime at this point, but he's not so fond of going to bed in new places. Not that I really blame him for being uneasy about a strange closet in a strange place. :)

Sunday morning, Henrik and dad playing with the Bible app and learning about creation.

Dev very particularly folding his parking dollars for the metra station. He's such a city boy now. :)

And that's a wrap. Another week down!


Sarah said...

so glad you could visit!! What a bright spot for week 2!

That pizza looks amazing!

leah said...

yay! so glad you guys had a nice weekend with devin and that you are now TWO weeks down!

ok, if you liked chicago pizza, we will have to do a girls night to oley's pizza. it's AMAZING!! :D

hope you have a great start to week #3!

Jill said...

Glad it's going well! I bet you'll look back on these weeks with such a sense of accomplishment :) And also major appreciation for your hubby! Chicago style pizza is our favorite...we can't go to Chicago without getting Giordanos!

Christen Leigh said...

Aw your weekend looks so fun! Crazy that you guys haven't spent more than 5 days apart.....although I think that is our max too! Hehe! ;)

Sara Huber said...

Great update...interested in that dressing recipe! Glad you had a good weekend in Chicago!

L, Ann and boys said...

I think I would be stomping my foot by now. you are doing an amazing job keeping things moving to pass the time. Prayers your way and love the black and white of you two :D

T and M said...

the coffee pickup venue looks interesting...and call me "American Pickers" but I really want that industrial style cart that's hanging out in your 4th photo : )
glad you are filling up your weeks with meaningful things!

Ashley Neuen said...

Looks like you are doing great considering Devin's absence....that pizza looks AWESOME! We are midway through this week so almost only 6 weeks left for you :)