The Marrying Kind

In two short years of marriage, it's been proven out that Devin is the marrying kind. Devin is the type of guy you want to partner with in life. He's the guy you don't have regrets about marrying.

I still have a lot to learn about marriage and a lot of growing to do to hold up my end of the whole marriage deal. However, I have learned that what I assumed to be true about marriage, is, in fact, true. And that is...(wait for it)...

Don't marry a jerk and don't marry someone just because they're a good guy. (Brilliant, I know.)

When I was single and sorting through all this marriage stuff, it seemed the options that were available to me were one or the other. Guys who I was drawn to, but knew I didn't want to be married to and then guys that would make good husbands/fathers, but I would be giving up that crazy in love feeling. Thankfully, the Lord showed me if I waited, I could have both.

Enter Devin.

The guy who writes you a love story in a series of letters leading up to a perfect marriage proposal.
The guy with integrity and compassion and who is willing to overlook your glaring faults.
The guy who gets up with screaming babies and watches videos about how to soothe them.
The guy who is constantly thinking about how to provide for and take care of his wife and son.
The guy who turns out to be the best friend you didn't even know you desperately wanted.

The guy who never leaves me with any doubt that I married the right one.

Happy Anniversary Devin Blaine.

And, for a trip down Devin & Emily memory lane:

Foggy bridge when he popped the question the night before Thanksgiving.

Newly engaged and rather fond of each other. ;)

Engagement photos by the wonderful Tami Paige
Our Friday night wedding.


First Valentine's Day in our cute little apartment.

Back to the table in Ludington where we had our first date. This time I was pregnant.

At the wedding of Devin's cousin who set us up. :)

Post-baby getaway in GR.

And the fun continues...


Daveana said...

Happy Anniversary Devin and Emily!!! You guys are an adorable couple! Glad you found such a great guy Em!

leah said...

happy anniversary you two! :)

can't help but smile as i think back to the days where we sat around match-making and asking the who? what? when? where? questions always ending with, "WHO KNOWS?!" :) thankful that God knew! you two are such a great pair!

love you!

Devin B. Wieland said...

Well, this guy would only do that stuff for the love of his life... Thanks for writing this. It was a great way to start the day... happy anniversay to you too!

Sara Huber said...

So sweet, such cute pics. You guys really are a perfect match. Happy 2nd Anniversary!

Sarah said...

This is seriously the sweetest post. Love how you documented everything.

Love how God brings people together in His perfect way!

Happy Anniversary!

Samantha Whittecar said...

Woo!! Happy anniversary!!! So glad we get to call you guys friends (and neighbors)!

Linda said...

Love this walk down memory lane :) God is so good! Happy Anniversary!

L, Ann and boys said...

happy anniversary! :) fun pictures :)

smw said...

this made me get teared up. truly wonderful.

Christen Leigh said...

Aw such a sweet post! So happy God brought such a perfect fit into your life. :) You cuties....