On Halloween

I don't like Halloween. I don't think it should be in the 'holiday' category and I think Halloween decorations are about as ugly as it gets.

That being said...

Dressing up is fun, especially for kids.

Getting candy is fun, especially for kids.

We didn't do much trick-or-treating when I was young, but the little we did (or the candy I got from the church "harvest" party) was so fun! Nothing thrilled me more than emptying my pumpkin basket on the living room floor and sorting through my loot (while keeping my older siblings at bay).

I tend to enjoy playing devil's advocate (no pun intended), so right now with some of the conservative crowd doing their "we don't participate in Halloween" blogs, I like take a different stance.

I'm not going to over-spiritualize this event. Sure, trick-or-treating is a great way to get to know your neighbors and warmly give something to others. But I'm not going to say that to make Halloween acceptable one must pass out a tract or Bible verse with the candy (though it's a good idea).

I'm also not going to piously say that our kids won't get to dress up and get candy like the other kids because of our faith (even though I totally understand this train of thought as well).

I tend to think that I can dress Henrik up in his cute little (handed down from cousins) Lion costume, take him around to some family so they can awe at how cute he is and to some neighbors just to say hi, and not partake in anything evil or ungodly. And as much as I cringe passing out highly processed and fatty candy to kids who don't need it, it's a fun excuse to have miniature Kit Kats around the house. Because, let's face it, Kit Kats are dang good.

And those are my thoughts on Halloween.

I should add that I'm secretly hoping it's storming like crazy from 6-8 tonight (sorry, Dev) because I hate passing out candy to strangers and I'd rather just sit inside eating those Kit Kats and watching Henrik crawl around in his Lion costume. :)


Heather Hoerr said...

yea... I think about this too. I really dislike the holiday from the dark/ugly decoration side of things, but I think you've struck a good balance - sticking with the cute costume and candy side of things just b/c it's fun. Although, we aren't very festive around here so Beck hasn't really ever celebrated or dressed up. I think his aunt gives him a basket of candy and that's it.! This year we're really scaling back and not passing out candy, or "dressing up" Beck in a frog sock hat. (in other words, doing nothing. :))

Linda said...

Enjoyed reading this :) Can't wait to see Henrik in the lion costume!

Klint & Sarah said...

great thoughts on the subject!

I don't like strangers coming to our door either and we usually keep our porch light off.

Hoping you post that cute little lion!

leah said...

i like your thoughts. i hate the spooky/creepo stuff, but i think there is a way, like you said, to join in the fun in a God-honoring way. dressing up is just too fun to ignore!

Sara Huber said...

Make sure you send me a pic of the cutest lion in Fort Wayne! Love you!

L, Ann and boys said...

uggg…I know. I tried not to get into it..but as a mom it's really hard to see your kids near tears because their crazy mom doesn't like trick or treating and they see other kids gleaning the candy in their bags down our neighborhood sidewalks. :/ It's also the only time our whole community actually opens our doors a little bit instead of sitting on the couch isolated watching the tube-you have to give a little credence to that. We've done some trunk or treating at the church across the street to satisfy the need to dress up and a few fall festival type things at church over the years. They didn't do trunk or treat the last two years across the way though-not sure why.
This year, Noah was old enough to read up on the history of the traditions from different cultures that has made Holloween what it is today and said he doesn't want to celebrate it of his own accord. Thank goodness. I don't want to be controlling. I want them to make their own choices when they can actually process it, so I was pretty pumped when he made a choice I very much agree with. I don't like celebrating death and the thrill of fear. I also don't feel the need to dress up so an evil spirit doesn't recognize me when they are allowed to roam the earth tonight. :P I'm brave like that. ;)

Betsy said...

PICTURES?!?! Where is the pic of Henny the Lion? I like your thoughts on Hween, too. We don't celebrate it here at all, but I am glad it was a part of my childhood. I don't think I was ever even aware that it had scary connotations...it was about tomato soup and grilled cheese, about dressing like a princess or Tweety bird, about getting a bucketful of candy! I have very fond memories of the holiday and would love it if someday my kids get the same chance someday!

Ashley said...

Good thoughts Em. Been trying to figure out what I think about the holiday and I can agree with much you say. Thanks for posting :)