Lots to Say

I have a million things I'd like to blog about. Like stage one of my household simplifying. And how I'm quitting work at the end of the year (a decision that's been brewing for awhile now). And Devin's new web development adventures. And what I've learned from Jen Hatmaker. And what I'm observing from these crazy (and I do mean crazy) blogs I've been following. And lots of cute things Henrik is doing (and the times that he's not so cute). And some of the fun meals I've made lately.

But, honestly, with the daunting finish-up-work-train-my-replacement schedule and holiday season, I don't expect to do a ton of blogging the rest of the year. Just know that blog silence does not mean we're having a season of rest, though believe me, I can't wait for a season of rest. I'm determined to make that happen!

We did get family pictures taken recently. And while I won't post them because of lots of potentials for Christmas cards, I had to share this one of Henny. We got to the location, I set him down, and he immediately pulled himself up on this railing and starting grinning at our photographer and striking cute poses.



leah said...

awww! this is adorable -- excited to see the rest of your pictures.

and anxious to hear about some of the millions things you have on your mind at lunch today! :) see you soon!

L, Ann and boys said...

sweetie sweetie :)

Betsy said...

Awww, wish I could have lunch w/ ya - enjoy, Leah! I wouldn't be disappointed if you blogged more but won't take it personally if there's a bit of a silence. ;)

Molly said...

I can't wait to have a conversation now that I've checked out a few of these blog ideas. Extremely intriguing...I keep thinking about it. :)