7 Whole Months

What a darling little boy God gave us. He can be such a 'stinker' (as I often refer to him as several times a day), but so, so sweet. I think I kiss him like a million times a day. :)

Post-bath. Loves naked time.

He looks so long!

Can. Not. Sit. Still.

Love you, Henny!


Sara Huber said...

Ha, he looks so thoughtful with the tip of his finger on his lip. He is a darling boy.

Betsy said...

He IS getting so long! When they stretch across the width of the crib, boy, you start doing a double-take! Love him too!

Sarah said...

This age is SO FUN!!! Enjoy these last months before the walking/destroying hits :)

leah said...

love watching you love him em -- you are a great mom to this absolutely precious little guy!

Christen Leigh said...

So darling!! :)