Gender & Being a Parent

My first post based off of answering questions. These were the "child/parent" questions.

If you have another baby, would you like a girl or a boy or does it not matter? Why?

I have thought about this, mostly because I highly doubt we'll only have one child (whether we would have more biological or adopt). I can totally see it both ways. After having a boy I LOVE boys. :) Well, more like after having your own child you realize how much you adore the little rugrat and realize whatever gender the next one might be you will be obsessed with him/her regardless. That being said, I might lean towards girl. Mainly because I think it would be sad to never have a girl and then the pressure would be off. :)

What have been your top 3 worst and top 3 best things about becoming a parent? 

Top 3 Best Things About Being A Parent:

1. Seeing life through new eyes. Suddenly I understand things a little better - like God's love for his children and my parent's love for me.

2. Having that adorable little guy who loves you more than other people. Although, Henrik tends to love about everyone, but he'd still prefer me. :)

3. When I can see Henrik as God blessing me with an incredible gift (and I don't always feel that way), I can feel very humbled that God would entrust him to me and thankful that after years of my parents pouring into me, I can do that for him.

Top 3 Worst Things About Being A Parent:

1. Loss of freedom as an individual and a couple. Despite being married, before Henrik I still was able to be flexible and do my own thing at times. And of course Devin and I could do whatever we wanted when we wanted. This doesn't happen anymore. A solo trip to Target in the evening without lugging a carseat is a nice treat.

2. Less sleep. Enough said.

3. Stress/worry. Which I suppose goes along with loving and caring for someone so dang much... Is he sick? Should he get vaccinations? Will me working impact him negatively? Is he hungry or just fussy? Where will we send him to school? What hard things will he go through in life? You get the point. :)

These were really fun questions to think through!

While we're on the subject of good parenting, Henrik hadn't been bathed for a few days here, so excuse his not-so-great hair.


Linda said...

Loved reading this :) Why do you think his hair looks bad in that picture? Looks fine to me...and the picture is so cute.

L, Ann and boys said...

Gisella's hair is looking the same this morning... ;) 10 little hands stroking( and as Willem puts it "petting") her head makes the battle un-fightable. ;) haha

I do hope you have a daughter some day...I'm sure your sis Sara would say the same; it's really fun and eye opening all over again.


Christen Leigh said...

Such a great and sweet post. :)

Sara Huber said...

Aw, such a sweet pic. I liked reading this too. I think every mom probably would like the opportunity to raise a boy and a girl, but if you only have boys, you will absolutely love it and have the privilege of an all-boy family and the fun that goes with it. :)

Ashley said...

What a sweet boy you have, so cute :)

leah said...

This is really sweet. Hope you have a girl one day too!

Sarah said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing!