Henny is 5 Months!

He got his first taste of food (sweet potatoes), started playing in an exersaucer, swinging in a real swing, and it's time to adjust his diapers to the next size!

He still despises being on his stomach and will only roll over from his stomach to back to get off his stomach. I can totally see this boy never crawling and going straight to walking. He loves to stand.

Okay so he may look like a girl here in his gown. But I bet he's comfortable. :)

Looking like such a chunk!

Love this face. :)
First taste...definitely unsure. 


Devin B. Wieland said...

Oh, Henny... We might have to plan something when his next month comes around--it's kind of a big one!

Sara Huber said...

Now, Henny!? Is this his newest nickname? The list continues to grow. :) Can't wait to be with this sweetie at the lake!

Sarah said...

awww, what a cutie! Henny is cute ... hehe

L, Ann and boys said...

Henny? I don't even know who that is ;) Kidding-every name seems to find a version that ends in the "e" sound...even Jude...unfortunately for him. ;)