Once again, these Father's/Mother's day holidays start to feel like an extra birthday for us both. I doubt it'll always be this way...but we're newbies. I think Devin enjoyed his weekend. Good family time, good food, time with Megan (our kitty...yep, we went with Megan), and time to shoot hockey pucks in our driveway. And he received his much-hinted-at iGrill for a gift, as well as a burr coffee grinder (which really is for both of us).

I didn't exactly take pictures this weekend...except for Henrik's first time in a pool. I got him the cutest little white spedo swim diaper and swim shirt.

But back to Father's Day...

Devin has exceeded my expectations as a father. Not that I had low expectations, but he wasn't much of a kid person so I wasn't sure what he'd be like as a dad. (I'm sure people were thinking the same thing about me since I'm definitely not a "kid person".)

10 Things That Make Devin A Great Father:

1. He's so patient. In frustrating moments with Henrik, he keeps his cool WAY longer than I do.

2. He changes diapers like a pro (maybe whines a little about the dirty ones). He's also never complained about cloth diapers...even when he has to stuff them during hockey games. :)

3. He calmly reacts to being drenched in spit up for the 5th time in a day.

4. As much as one can involve a 5 month old in their hobbies, Devin sure tries hard.

5. He straps that boy to him in the Bjorn carrier like the hottest Mr. Mom you've ever seen.

6. He plays "hockey fighting" with Henrik and teaches him to "grab the jersey and punch"...Henrik     LOVES it. Of course one day, he'll need to not be encouraging our kid to knock out other boys.

7. Back in the day when Henrik wouldn't sleep well at night, Devin was always getting up with him.  I had the easy job of feeding him, Dev had the hard job of getting him back to sleep.

8. Devin is always so encouraging to me in parenting and willing to hash and re-hash things related to caring for Henrik.

9. He stays home with Henrik one day a week! I love leaving home and knowing my boys are together for the day. I also love that Devin knows everything about caring for Henrik that I do - no need to give him any instructions.

10. Devin demonstrates his love for both Henrik and Henrik's mom by serving us so much every day. Seriously, what an awesome example for a boy to be raised by a dad who serves his family so well.


Linda said...

Love this post and the picture. What a fitting tribute...well said!

Molly said...

Wow. This is a wonderful list. So thankful you have him.

Sarah said...

Love that last pic and the post. #5 cracked me up :)

Ashton said...

Super sweet. I've never met Devin, but he sounds like a winner.:)

Betsy said...

I love this Ode to Devin! I learned some new things and have to agree that he makes a very impressive Daddy! And you are so right about #10 - how much will it impact Huck to watch Devin through the years.

Daveana said...

Aww! :D

leah said...

this is very sweet!

Sandra said...

just got done catching up on the last four posts. Great posts.....but I about fell off my chair when I read you have a cat!!! From all the posts you have done in the past about hating animals ....but I do agree with some commenters...kittens are cute and in a month or two that kitten will be a not so cute cat!! (ok, maybe yours will be, but most cats just don't "cut" it for me) :)
Henrik is getting so big and he is so stinken cute!! Glad you all got to enjoy fathers day!!

Betsy said...

he he...like Sandra's thoughts. And I do hope some of your drafts materialize into posts!