My Second Home

We just got back from several days with my family at our second home! To be honest, sometimes I get very bitter about the fact that I have such a great family with all these sisters who are my closest friends and (with the exception of the one sister who lives in our city - which is awesome) my time with my family is so limited.

But, I have to remember that all of my siblings are living lives that follow after God and where He wants them and I'd rather have it that way then the opposite scenario (which is a soap box of mine). And let's face it, time with them wouldn't be as special if I saw them on a weekly basis.

I didn't snap very good photos...but my mom maybe another vacation post to come that will actually have a photo of yours truly (who's stomach exploded over the last week - yikes). Oh and also, I hope there's a photo of the coffee tasting contest. Betsy created such a fun little event!

Os - oh my - this boy is so special and sweet. I was laying in bed last night thinking how I miss holding and kissing that boy!
This is the famous couch for book reading. So many photos of adults reading to kids on this couch. Or, in this scenario, mom and B singing a terribly annoying book to Bella. :)
Here dad is showing Dev how to work his new bait caster fishing pole, which he won for catching the largest fish in the first annual lakehouse fishing contest! Each year we always have to do some sort of competition...
Avery driving the boat...thankfully with some assistance.
Before heading home, we picked two buckets of blueberries! This was only half of what we picked. So fun that there's an amazing blueberry patch just a couple miles from our Michigan house.
The infamous Badger.
Devin is always the cool uncle with the fun technology and in the know of all the latest games.
Farmer's market with my sisters and mom after going in for coffee one morning.


Ashton said...

Cute pictures! And yes, I want to see one of you and your baby bump. I read your tweet and was just thinking the same thing about fall clothes.:)


leah said...

love these pictures...that os is soooo sweet!!

L, Ann and boys said...

=) so fun

Sarah said...

Looks like a blast! I agree with you on family living far away...although it's hard sometimes, the time you DO get with them is such sweet, quality time. It seems to outweighs the bad.

Great post

Tricky said...

Looks like a fun time!! Family vacations are hard to beat and a relaxing week at the lakes with them is the way to go...glad it was a ball!

Daveana said...

Looks so fun! :) What a great tradition with family!