Mushroom Soup

So this recipe was floating around Pinterest (or P-interest as some have called it) lately, you may have seen it. I knew instantly I wanted to make it. And with this approaching Fall weather I can't wait to start eating soup on a regular basis.

I think the recipe is more of an appetizer doesn't make very much and isn't very filling with just mushrooms. I wanted it for a meal so I altered it a little. Here's the photo from the recipe site...much more professional than mine.

Photo linked to recipe.
I added chicken to our soup as well as celery, which would have been great had it been less crunchy (forgot celery takes much longer to saute´than mushrooms do). I also added fresh rosemary -but mainly because I wanted to use my rosemary plant.

I also added extra chicken broth and less cream/milk. Oh and I couldn't find nutmeg I used a dash of ginger instead. I'm not sure the nutmeg was missed or that the ginger could really be tasted...

My garlic, celery, EVOO, chicken, and mushrooms all cooking. Talk about a fabulous smell.
And here was my less pretty but very tasty result.
This soup is SO good. I will definitely make this several times this Fall/Winter. The only thing I will do differently next time is add barley or lentils or something to make it more hearty. We loved it but were pretty hungry a couple hours later. Also, I would double the batch, there wasn't much left over.

Happy Labor Day weekend! We're hoping to get some house things done, hit up the lake if it doesn't rain all weekend, and reminisce that a year ago right now we were having our first date and already becoming quite taken with one another. Oh this Fall is going to make me so nostalgic!