Baby "Stuff"

As much as I hate the thought of adding more 'stuff' to our lives...I realize that babies come with things they need or that at least things that make life easier.

I've already gotten great advice from my sisters (what would I do without my sisters?!) but since lots of moms read my blog I thought it would be fun to get some more thoughts on what kind of stuff to have for the baby. And the last time I asked for advice on makeup it was so fun reading everyone's responses!

So here is what I'm interested in knowing...

What would you borrow?
What would you buy/register for?
What can you get by with NOT having around? I'm a minimalist whenever possible.
And what are the best brands? I'm definitely into quality if I'm going to have it for awhile.

Thanks in advance for the product advice...but I will say this - I will not be asking for advice on giving birth. Seriously - I've already had enough awkward conversations of opinionated moms trying to sway me into a birthing plan like their own. I'm opinionated too, so I get it, but seriously this subject gets over the top! Not that any of you would do that... :) Anyway, I'll be keeping my birthing plan to myself (if I ever have one).


L, Ann and boys said...

fave product for baby has been the Bijorn travel bed. It's light weight and babies can't get out of them very easily as the sides aren't rigid. I would buy/register for that.

I would borrow a swing if you are wanting one. They are huge, bulky, make the house look like a day care center item. If a baby loves them, it's for a few months and then they've outgrown it. Someone got me one of these even though I didn't register for it and it sat around unused in storage.

It's hard to say what you don't need...every mom is so different. One thing I always shake my head at in the store is a crazy baby bath tub with a radio and toys and a massager...umbrella (I may be exaggerating:). A simple baby shaped sponge thing that cost $10 is great for placing in the sink or tub and I think is more comfortable for babies anyway because the water gets cold fast in those fancy pants baby tubs. I got a "Puj tub" for Will and liked that too for in the sink...but the sponge thing is just as effective.

Joy said...

I agree with bath tubs are not nessecary. They are so big, and take up too much space.

Borrowing a swing is a good idea. I got mine from a garage sale. Bouncy seats are like swings. You use them for a short time. I believe they make a swing and a bouncy seat in one. That's ideal.

Heather Hoerr said...

Good questions Em! I don't feel like very much of an expert after just one kiddo, but here's my input.

I agree that a swing should be borrowed. I ended up borrowing Everything (seat/swing related) that Beck used except for a bumbo and it worked out well. I would say that Beck used one of those seat things that can vibrate or sometimes play music quite a bit, so that was nice to have around. Another thing I would borrow or get from a garage sale is one of those walker/baby einstein things with toys, if you even want one, b/c they are obnoxious to have around and I didn't feel bad about taking it to goodwill and not storing it since it was from a garage sale.

good brands.. I think chico has good car seats. maybe a little larger than some, but I've heard it's a very solid/safe brand and I liked it. I liked tommee tippee bottles.

another thing I borrowed was a boppy... I would use both that and a pillow, whichever was closer. Beck would sleep in it too though, so that was handy.

good luck registering - I found it quite overwhelming at first!! (no idea if Dev likes the process, but if he doesn't he's not the first male and don't be offended :) )

Ashton said...

I'm a minimalist too, so I completely understand your dislike of "stuff." I don't think you need anything for a baby except a car seat, a stroller, and a pack-and-play. I like Chicco car seats, Maclaran strollers, and the Baby Bjorn pack-and-play. We didn't use a swing, bouncy seat, playmat, activity center, bathtub, or a sling, and Poppy survived. But then she wasn't the lounging around/hanging out type...I think it does depend on the baby's temperament.

Baby carriers aren't a necessity, but if you're going on a big trip, like to hike, or want a way to have the baby close to you while you're moving around at home during the day, then they can be nice. I think Ergobaby has the most comfortable and all-around best designs. We took ours to Italy with us when Poppy was 10 months old and it was a life-saver.

I also don't think high chairs are necessary, and they take up way too much room. I like little booster seats with trays better and they're much more portable. We're on the go a lot, so portability is important for us. What you'll like best probably depends some on your lifestyle.

Have fun registering and pick out stuff that gets you excited.:)

Sandra said...

here is my two cents:) after 4 kiddos...
Bath tub is pointless. I have used a towel on the bottom of my regular tub for all 4 kids and it works great. Its soft, it keeps baby from slidding around and its never taking up extra storage.
The two things I laugh at and find rediculous are warmers for the wipes and these little triangle things you put in the crib with the baby to keep the baby from rolling over on its stomach, especially when used when the child can roll and you are preventing the baby from rolling in bed. I guess I just don't get it. If baby can roll over, for goodness sake, let it. :)
As for as my favorite things to have are a boppy(used many times for nursing and propping baby in and ok....sitting on after you have the baby cause its a nice little hole for your bottom with no pressure of hard chairs:) (you get the picture:)). And a food mill. Its a simple little gadget that allows you to give your baby food that you are eating. You simply turn the top handle and press down on the container and it grinds up spaghetti, veggies, fruits, etc and then its ready to feed to baby.
Id borrow a baby carrier, Id get my own highchair(or seat whatever you decide), but its something Id not want to borrow since they get pretty dirty. Id buy my own pack n play, and stroller too. I wish I had a bumbo seat, but I am borrowing that from my sister joy here very soon:). So thats something you could borrow too.

Fun seeing what others put.

T and M said...

you've already gotten a lot of great suggestions!

one more idea is to have a "just-in-case" shoebox-sized plastic storage in the trunk of your car, with things like a bottle & premixed formula, baby tylenol, diaper & wipes, sunscreen, etc. We've used that for unexpecteds on road trips.

I'd also recommend buying a temporal thermometer. It's the kind you scan the forehead to get a temp.

Laura said...

Looks like you have received a lot of advice! I kept meaning to comment but lose energy just thinking about baby stuff. When in doubt you can always ask for diapers/ gift cards/ great smelling lotions and soaps and add the stuff you want slowly as you need it/actually want to get it.

teresa said...

i love the aden & anais muslin swaddle blankets. amazon has them in a 4pk. they are light-weight and a nice, x-large size to swaddle your babe. some moms keep a swaddle blanket in the car as it can be used for so many things - burp cloth, nursing cover, sunshade. the more you wash them the softer they become. some babies use them as their comforting blankie to go to sleep. there are cute prints for girls, boys or either. you can make a baby registry list on amazon.

emilykate said...

Loved reading all of these! Excited to check out the suggestions and so glad to know what not to get!

Eric & Marissa Bahler said...

Been reading your blog for awhile now and decided to come out of Stalkerville for this one.

Have to echo Ashton completely... All you need is a crib, carseat/stroller, and booster seat with tray. We don't actually even have a pack n play since everywhere we go already has one (hotels included). I would def recommend a changing pad on top of a dresser vs a changing table for longevity. I also loved the Moby wrap for hikes and shopping with both kids... they would always fall asleep in it, and since it's just fabric stores easily. We also love cloth diapers and has saved us tons of money with minimal work.

You couldn't be wiser about deferring delivery advice... Moms are crazy! (the kids make us that way) I'm convinced that going through delivery instantly and permanently emboldens a person. (or maybe it's the wearing puke in public, or the 'yes, that's my child screaming' look) Either way motherhood really is amazing (and totally nuts). Welcome to the club. :)

emilykate said...

Marissa- fun to hear from you! Really liked your advice. I've been wondering about cloth diapers. I'm not sure if you'll see this, but I'd be really interested to know what brand you used, how many is ideal to have, etc. Maybe I'll just add you on facebook or something and ask. :)

Nick and Adrienne said...

Em this has been so fun to read what advice other Mom's are giving you! It's actually kind of funny- I definitely agree with some and disagree with others, which just goes to show you that there are several ways to raise a kid! Always good to weigh opinions of those with experience though.

I'd say for sure borrow CLOTHES!! They grow out of them so fast, especially the first year or 2.

I would buy/register for a pack'n'play for sure. We use ours ALL the time. You can put it up in your room if you want to have the baby in there for the first few weeks or however long, rather than buying/borrowing a bassinet. I also am a big fan of the aden and anais swaddler blankets. I bought a 4 pack with Lucy and use like one a day. Love the boppy- very versatile- would definitely say register for that. Also would say register for either high chair or portable chair for feeding.

I am not a minimalist, and have lots of "stuff" around... it is what it is. However, I could get by with NOT having the swing for Lucy, and Ben hardly used it either. Also, the toys (exersaucer, play mats, bumbo, dolls, cars, blah blah blah) get very overwhelming! Don't register for them- you'll get plenty anyway!

My favorite brand is Chicco... carseat/stroller system, pack'n'play, highchair... love it. Good quality but not the most expensive thing out there either.

One last note- whatever you decided to borrow, PLEASE come see me! I will have lots for you- especially clothes:) Love you Em!

Ashton said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!:) And I agree, I bet we'd have a lot in common as far as parenting goes...and maybe in other ways too. Wish we lived closer!