Shower food

This past weekend we held a personal shower for a friend who will soon be a Mrs. The girls, the conversations, everything was great and enjoyable. The food, especially, was very memorable in my mind. Shower's with bad food are the worst, aren't they? This one was awesome and I feel okay saying that even though I made part of it. :)

Let me give you the rundown...warm pita with grilled/marinated chicken, tomatoes, fresh basil, onions, and homemade hummus. Amazing fresh fruit with the best nectarines I've ever had. And (my contribution) veggie spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce. For dessert, Lisa made an oreo cheesecake - it was seriously incredible.

Anyways, a few girls were asking about making the spring rolls. So here's what I did...(which I learned from my sister Sara)...

I bought the wrapping paper (rice/tapioca starch) in the Asian section of the grocery.

Soak one in warm water until semi-soft but not balling up (don't worry if it's a tad hard, it continues to soften after being removed from water). Remove it from water and put on a plate or something it can lay flat on. Proceed to fill the wrapping with anything really...but I used baby kale, matchstick carrots, cucumber spears, avocado slices, and bean sprouts (these usually have rice noodles too). Fold one long side over tightly and roll. then fold over ends and smooth them down while still wet. Be careful stacking the rolls as you make them, they get pretty sticky.

Now for the spicy peanut dipping sauce...(I doubled the recipe for a group of 10):

1/4 c. peanut butter (crunchy would work great too)
2 T. honey
1 T. soy sauce
2 T. hot sauce (I used Sirarcha-obviously)
1 T. sesame oil (which I didn't have so I used canola)
1 T. white wine vinegar (I used a mixture of rice vinegar and white distilled)

The sauce isn't quite runny enough for me, so I added in a little extra soy sauce and extra vinegar and a splash of water.

 I made some more the next day for lunch with Dev. He's obsessed. He asked if we can start having these and Brussels sprouts on a weekly basis. I love that he likes to eat stuff like this!


leah said...

oh my word--these look AMAZING! i'm so going to try these! thanks for the recommendation!

Sara Huber said...

It all sounds wonderful! You're right...the most important aspect of showers has to be the food!
love ya em!

Linda said...

The rolls look great. That is interesting that Devin loves all the food you like!

Daish said...

Thanks for putting the instructions on here, Em! I have all the ingredients here. I think I will make them tomorrow.