Lemon Mint

While visiting Betsy last year in Doha, we had the most amazing lemon mint drinks!

My mom gave me some fresh mint the other day so I decided to recreate this drink and it was great!

If you're interested in trying this, here's what I did:

- juice 4 lemons
- add fresh lemon juice to one quart of cold water and a half cup of sugar and stir until sugar is disolved
- in blender, mix a handful of ice cubes with roughly a cup of fresh mint leaves (I used the leaves off of about 5 stalks of mint - you could use less too and still get the minty taste)
- blend ice and mint finely and then add it to the lemonade
-stir well and you're ready to go, though you made need to add more ice depending on how cold your lemonade is.

I will also say that I think this would be good with gin. If you're a gin-drinking sort of person. I enjoyed it sans alcohol.


Devin B. Wieland said...

And I can say that I think this WAS good with gin :)

Rebekah said...

sounds really refreshing! I will have to try this when I get some mint!
thanks for the recipe!

L, Ann and boys said...

Luke is kind of on a drink making jag and has been telling me all these tips lately...so I'm passing two on to you. I DON"T want to come off as an annoying know it all, so...please don't think that. ;) Makes me wonder if I should just stop since I had to start that way...Anyway-Luke boils water and sugar in a sauce pan and makes a syrup. He keeps it in the refrigerator until time to make drinks. It really does speed things up in the long run and the drink will be really smooth. The other thing is that mint is most fragrant when crushed but not overly mashed- we ground up the mint too much with a mortar and pestle one time and the mint takes on a sharp edge. So now we just bruise the leaves and mix them in. Luke's handy drink manual says that's why mojitos are traditionally served with a straw...because the mint leaves will hit your lips otherwise. Who knew. I'm really considering deleting this and not posting it...I spent 5 minutes of my life typing it, so...

Happy drink making! =)


Betsy said...

So fun you re-created this lovely Doha drink! Dad might request one of you the next time you see him, I do believe. ;0)

leah said...

wooo! this sounds so great & refreshing! especially with the summer days coming up!

(loving ann's comment too! :))

Sara Huber said...

Looks amazing...loved these in Doha too! The slushier, the better for me. :)