What I'm looking forward to this weekend...

1. Being with Dev the ENTIRE time
2. Our 5:00 Friday tradition of homemade drinks
3. Watching my oldest niece in her first big theater production
4. Hitting up our favorite spots in Indy and reminiscing about fun times from dates there
5. Visiting Sara & family and staying in her super cute guest room
6. Experiencing N&S's new church

Road tripping always creates interesting dynamics with me and the boy. It's always a good time for me to practice kindness and patience...one of these days I'll succeed.

Who knows, maybe I'll even get some pictures to share of all these fun things...happy weekending to you!


Sara Huber said...

Ha, good luck with the road trip...remember, slow and steady wins the race!! :)

Can't wait to have you here!

leah said...

have a fun weekend!

(ok, totally LAUGHED OUT LOUD at your car ride comment! behehe)

love you guys!

Betsy said...

Em! Didn't know you were roadtripping this weekend, but sounds absolutely delightful! Enjoy the ripple if you go there.

Molly said...

Enjoy the weekend, Em!:) Love you!

Blaine said...

Emily - I must admit, your comment about the road trip did make me smile. I'm assuming this has something to do with Devin's driving?!? Hey, he did get a speeding ticket one time!

Mom W

PS - I always "help" Blaine drive, too! Oh well....