Instagrams of Late

I really enjoy Instagram. One of my favorite, if not favorite, apps. Here are a few of my instagrams I've posted recently...

(For those of you confused, Instagram is an iPhone app that you take pictures with and post them. You follow people such as on Twitter...but it's cooler than Twitter.)

Colorful bowls - thanks Marie!

Dinner party!

Lunch for Dev

Watching Miles

Probably my best photo to date...great moon.

Favorite Magazine
Tonight we're kicking off the weekend with round two of homemade sushi. This time for guests! Happy weekending to you!


leah said...

aw this is fun! love those bowls!

hope you have a fun weekend :)

Daveana said...

Fun Pictures! Hope everything turns out well for your party!

Betsy said...

Okay that moon picture is stunning. Stunning. Wish I had instagram....:(