Windy & Wonderful

I had originally been a little sad about having my birthday on a Monday, but soon into the day realized that it's kind of great to have a special event on a day that's usually pretty blah. Weekends are always fun, so why not make a Monday great?

Here's my photo tour through my birthday...

Birthday oatmeal should include peanut butter and chocolate chips!

Even better to share birthday breakfast with this dear friend!
After Leah left, it was time to do a little work from home and get ready for the day. Birthday morning routines should be done to your favorite song playing rather loudly on repeat.

I like to have the "birthday" mentality. Meaning, that certain things are excused that wouldn't normally fly on an average Monday. For instance, who says it's too early for a stiff drink before noon on your birthday?


I decided on one of my favorite outfits for the day. Dressier than my job would ever require...but on your birthday, who cares? (Though I may have cared, had I realized how windy it was outside...yikes.)
The day before I had received some chocolates as a present...
Mid-morning snack. :)
So then I go to the office. I chat with my co-workers, respond to emails, listen to depressing voicemails about one of my kids who is doing poorly, and then...

in walks this handsome guy with flowers and a latte´! As the lady in my office put it, "I should hang on to him".
After a good visit to a foster home with people I enjoy, I got all dolled up for my date. I love getting ready for dates! Especially dates like this...

Devin and I have a developing tradition of martinis and sushi. It was what we had on our first date and have done it a few times since. This was the second time we went to Naked Tchopstix and the second time we were so impressed by the food and drink. Here is Devin as we start with our spicy egg and spinach soup.
I love that Devin and I have such similar food tastes. The meal was fantastic. We kept commenting over and over during and after the meal about how great the food was. I also feel like we always have really good discussion over sushi as well. Maybe because you eat slowly and just enjoy it and take your time.
Salmon avocado roll.

Spicy tuna on seared rice with Thai chilli sauce and a jalenpeno slice. YUM. Notice we didn't get the fried stuff with lots of extras like cream cheese and bacon...not that we weren't tempted, but the real thing is so much better!
And for dessert?

A DeBrand's sundae! This was Devin's idea. The raspberry/peanut butter combination was seriously amazing. The peanut butter had a crispy rice in it that made it spectacular. At first I was unsure of the decision because I would usually pair raspberry with chocolate sauce, but Dev nailed it. I could go on and on about how good this was. Don't worry, we shared it.
How's that for a Monday?


leah said...

oh my word! this all looks amazing!

rachel was telling about devin's surprise visit on monday...what a guy!

and that meal & dessert looks....YUM!!

glad you had such a great day!

Daveana said...

OKAY!!! There are just too many things about your day that I love. Florence, Dress, cute fiance, Naked Tchopstix, Sushi, PEANUT BUTTER!

Sarah said...

Wow, wow, wonderful!

And that dessert looks amazing!

Sara Huber said...

Looks like a perfect day! I kind of can't believe it's only been a year since you were in much has happened since then!

Christen Leigh said...

This looks like a divine birthday and Monday. Can't wait for your pre-wedding festivities this weekend! I miss you!