The Makeup Decision

A few weeks ago I asked for some help with getting new makeup. I loved getting all of your suggestions and great tips! I really wanted to try EVERYTHING that was mentioned, but unfortunately that would not fit in my hypothetical budget.

So what did I go with?

Well, I went into Macy's with a short list of the suggestions that sounded good to me and just thought I'd scope things out. I ended up at a certain brand's counter as a 'right time right place' kind of thing with a friendly, helpful, and patient woman. I'm not sure what one calls someone who works at the cosmetic counter? Anyways...

I had been leaning towards this brand to begin with and the lady was more than willing to carefully give me explanations, tips, how-to's, and of course, demonstrate. She even offered to erase a finished product and start all over when I wasn't liking something, which I quickly took her up on.

This whole makeup experience made me realize how much I value customer service. The MAC counter lady was a bit scary and aloof and even though they were out of the eyeliner I was checking into, I wouldn't have bought anything from her regardless. The Clinique lady was impatient and condescending and even if I had felt like spending $40 on face cream, I wouldn't have bought it from her. I would however, had purchased the quickliner many of you suggested from Clinique, but they only had it in a few odd colors (like grape) and some production error left them out of all brown tones until February.

So, I ended up with this:

So far I'm really liking the barest of minerals (to put it eloquently). But, of course, it looked much better when my friend at the counter applied it for me. But, we had our engagement photos this weekend and Tami commented "your makeup looks good!", so I took this to mean I hadn't screwed it up royally with my makeup incompetence. Devin thought I looked great, but he always thinks that, so not a very objective opinion. :)

The bronzer was the part I didn't like and had her redo the look without it, but I do have the bronzer because it came with the package I bought. So who knows, maybe I'll get brave and work with it sometime...for now I'm liking the basics.


leah said...

wahoo! good choice!!

i love mine and think it looks really natural!

thanks again for this morning BIRTHDAY GIRL! that's right everyone, TODAY is em's birthday! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Em!

Can't wait to see those engagement pics!

Sandra said...

Happy birthday Em!! I talked to your mom on sunday...she had said that Betsy gets in soon:). How fun!! Enjoy your time with her. Looking forward to seeing your engagment pictures....I am CERTAIN they will be amazing!! An amazing good looking couple has to mean sucess!!!

Daveana said...

Saw the sneak peak of your engagement pics. Can't wait to see more! Happy Birthday! :)

Amber said...

Have a great birthday Emily!! : )

Sara Huber said...

Interesting how an unfriendly or unapproachable salesperson makes you want to run in the other direction...MAC and Clinique execs need to read your blog. :)

teresa said...

i think you'll be happy with your bare minerals products. a tiny bit of bronzer does go a long way. do they still demonstrate brushing it on in an "e" or "3" pattern? (from your temple to cheekbone toward chin) i've combined this with ann's suggestion of going a little beneath the cheekbone and like the result. the brushes are so soft and hold up very well. glad your salesperson was helpful and not intimidating. it certainly is appreciated.