I remember lying to the school nurse in elementary while she tested my eyesight...purposely getting the letters wrong as I read off the lines because I thought glasses sounded fun.  She must have seen through my attempt to deceive...it must have been obviously clear that I had perfect eyesight. (Not to mention she was my mom's best friend and was probably warned...)

Thirteen years later and I got my wish. This time without deception. While they are a fun accessory, I don't think I'm quite as psyched about them as I would have been when I was younger. I do like them though.

So here they are...just in time for grad school to make me look smarter. I'll also be dying my hair brown...not.

And on that note, I'm off on a roadtrip tomorrow. Heading to the northeast coast with some pretty great girls. Hopefully lots of fun stories and pictures to come! And yes, I do realize I take a lot of trips. Seeing as this is my third in four months...it's safe to say I'll be slowing down due to wiping out vacation days and my travel budget. Just kidding, I don't have a travel budget. Limits tend to make me feel claustrophobic. Sounds healthy, huh?


leah said...


i love them! you look so cute!! can't wait to see them in person.

and i have to admit i had an internal "GASP!" at the dying your hair brown. you got me, you big dork. ;)

love you!

Sara Huber said...

Looking good, girl!!
Safe travels, love you!

Linda said...

Oh Em- I can't believe it! I also remember when you went through a stage of wanting to buy a pair of "fake" glasses, just for fun. They are cute and make you look very grown up and studious :)

Betsy said...

Em you look great! I love your specs! grad school here you come.

Sarah said...

They are ADORABLE!!!

I've always wanted glasses (and still do). I did get some when I was 21, but only for reading :( I want some I can throw on when I have bags under my eyes :)

Have an awesome trip!!!

Also, I am SO glad you are not dying your hair brown. That would have made me sick!

Sandra said...

you look stunning...I love the new specs. Enjoy your road trip and have fun. Sounds like the fun will end soon as you enter grad school.

I agree with you whole heartedly....who ever says things about "holding the key to my heart?" :)

Daveana said...

Love the glasses Em. I saw the picture first and knew I was going to make a comment about looking smart for grad school! ;) Hope you have a great trip in the NE coast. It's beautiful! :)

See ya soon

Betsy said...

RU Back?? Please let us know about the trip!! Pictures!