Fridge Favorites

I'm not sure if any of you remember the MTV show "Cribs" where wealthy celebrities would give a tour of their house. Maybe it's even still on? I can't say I watch a lot of MTV these days...
Anyways, my favorite part of that show was of course when the interviewee gave a tour of their fleet of amazing cars, but my second favorite part was when they would open their fridge. For some reason I really like seeing what people keep on hand in their refrigerator. So since I think it's interesting, maybe someone else will too. Here are my top fridge items...

Other than a standard generic bottle of ranch, the only dressings I keep on hand are this particular brand because they're super good. This is by far the best blue cheese dressing I've ever had. Guaranteed to make any salad unhealthy!

Here is yet another sign that I'm more like my mother than I thought...I'm starting to really enjoy a good glass of orange juice. Of course my preference would be fresh-sqeezed, but since I don't have a citrus tree in my back yard, nor a juicer, this will have to do. This is the only orange juice I've found that tastes really fresh and isn't awful for you. I usually try to avoid juice in general because let's face it, it just isn't a wise use of calories, but this is a fun and tasty way to get some vitamin C.

Well, you all know about my gas water fetish, so of course sparkling water has become a standard item in my fridge. So far, I am preferring non-flavored.

I don't necessarily prefer a certain brand of ground flaxseed, they all seem pretty similar to me. But it's a great item to keep around to add to smoothies, pancakes, or cereal. Or if I get desperate digestively, just choking down a couple spoonfuls and lots of water is always a great move. :)

I always have yogurt on hand. I love Light&Fit, but mostly buy Activia these days. Usually I prefer vanilla, but lately have gotten a little wild and branched out with raspberry and peach. I know, pretty crazy.

Well I guess peanut butter isn't always a fridge item. But in this case it is. If only I had easier access to a Trader Joe's! This stuff is so good...but I go through it way too fast!

Of course, I have the standard things like milk, eggs, condiments, cheese, and leftovers in plastic containers, but these are some of my favorites. I'm trying to be a little more diverse in what I keep around so I don't go through a week of eating only yogurt and cereal, because sometimes I really think I could live on cereal. I know I have friends who would concur. :) Maybe it's still a college habit we haven't quite kicked to the curb?


Tami said...

Yogurt and Peanut wonder you and Leah are such good friends! :)
Your fetish with gas water made me think of when I was in Vienna with a group. The waiter asked if we'd like our water with or without gas to which Gary Ringger replied, "I'd like my water without farts please!"
We all got a good laugh out of it, but I'm pretty sure it just added to the stellar reputation that the "stupid American tourists" have! :)

leah said...

hahaha. tami you took the words out of my keyboard. :)

yes, i concur indeed. life is bland w/o cereal, yogurt & pb.

you are a kindred spirit.

Sandra said...

this was a random and FUN FUN post. I might have to steal it sometime when I have nothing to post about. Its very interesting indeed to see what people keep in their fridge!
I am going to disagree with you on that OJ though:)....Simply Said is way better:)