Treadmill - Cookies - Paranoia

For quite a while, I've had a treadmill sitting where a dining table is supposed to go. Makes me kind of seem like a work-out phene who runs instead of eats, though really I just wasn't sure where else to put it. But it was starting to become an eyesore. I had some fun ideas to revamp this area of my place, but a huge, black treadmill in the midst of it was just not going to work. So, with lots of scooting, dragging, and shifting it was moved to the opposite corner of my apartment. Down the hallway through the living room, past the laundry area and through the doorway, landing in the far corner of my bedroom.

Okay so it doesn't look great here either, but better than where it was before. I have to say, I was a little proud of myself for tackling this alone. Anyone who has seen or experienced the moving of this particular treadmill knows it's no small thing (literally and figuratively). Part way through I was thinking, "hmm I think this is the first time I've wished there was a guy living here", but then the feeling of accomplishing it without help was way better than the damsel requiring assistance act. Now I'm just hoping the trail left on my carpet isn't permanent...

Lately, it is becoming more necessary that I be committed to using this treadmill because of these...

Buy regular Oreos (I don't recommend store brand), buy a 12 oz bag of mint chocolate chips (the ones I found were a mixture of dark chocolate and mint chips). Melt the chocolate, dip the Oreos, put on wax paper, refrigerate until hardened, and enjoy the most glorious cookie you will ever eat. I'm serious. I tried one of these a couple months ago and have been thinking about them ever since.  Simple and delicious! (Laura, for some reason I keep thinking of you when I eat these, maybe because I know you love Oreos and mint chocolate things.)

AND one week from right now we'll be boarding our 14 hour flight to Abu Dhabi. I'm beyond excited, in fact, that I keep thinking something will go wrong. Like bad weather so we can't fly out or I'll get in a car wreck and not be able to go, or Jesus will come back (okay, just kidding, Jesus returning would be better than a drip to Doha). But you know that feeling...when you get so incredibly excited about something you get terribly paranoid about it falling through? That's how I feel.

And...the end of my garrulous speech for tonight.


Laura said...

Oh you are so right- those Oreos sound wonderful! I have never seen mint choclate chips but may be making a trip down the baking aisle to look for them. The problem with Oreos is that they are a food that makes me loose self control-- I pretty much just make a concious decision to keep eating them until I don't even feel well, while hiding from the kids of course. The other problem is I don't have a treadmill to couteract the effects and it is really cold outside right now!
love you!

Linda said...

Oh Em, this was great. You remind me of myself, tackling jobs like moving things around when I get the idea and not asking or waiting for help. Sometimes you just have to do it!
The oreos do look good- maybe you can save one for me!
As for the trip- we'll just pray and trust it to God (and hope you won't be disappointed!)

Sarah said...

Loved this post. I am SUPER impressed you moved that treadmill by yourself - hope you skipped your work-out for the day for that :)

Those cookies look AMAZING!!!

If you don't post again within the next week, I hope you have a safe trip and it excedes your expectations, if possible :)

Sandra said...

if you lived closer you could put the treadmill in my house:). This way I could use it too. Its so cold out that I just can't get myself to go outside and run!! I think I have decided since I don't have a treadmill(unless you want to give me yours), that I am just going to have t do stairs in my house.
Now those sound delish!! Might have to try those.

Safe travels to you and your parents as you go to Qatar!!

Sara Huber said...

Yep, those cookies sound awesome. I love mint Oreos (in fact there is a package in my cupboard now) and this looks even better.

So do you guys actually fly into Abu Dhabi? Didn't realize are you getting to Doha from there?

leah said...

haha. so fun. go em, be careful with that treadmill...there's a wall behind it. if you go flying off it will hurt! ;)

also, love your blog tweet on the mini....haha. oh SHOOT. (sounds like me!)

Jodi said...

I love you Em! Thanks for blogging :). It makes me not feel so far away.

emilykate said...

Sar, we have a connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to Doha, less than an hour I believe.

Christen Leigh said...

A big 'ole boo on your blog tweet!!!


Whatev. :) Hope you are having a splendiferous weekend--love ya!

Oh, and I really like this post.

Betsy said...

Did you become like one of DQ's Most Valueable Customers to get a coupon like that?