Thanksgiving Countdown

Seeing as today is the first day of the Thanksgiving week.  I thought it'd be fun to do a post everyday about something I'm thankful for. 
So here's day 5 of the countdown (as in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...1 being Thanksgiving Day)

Today I'm thankful for... 

a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

A few months ago I acquired the most wonderful mentors. God divinely placed them in my life in a mutually interested way. I had known for awhile that some sort of mentor or accountability partner would be good for me, but I'm not the type of person that seeks out relationships so it never happened. Then, at a time when I desperately needed wise counsel, a couple, who couldn't be more perfect for me, asked if I would consider forming a relationship; the very couple I had been wanting to ask, but didn't want to be a burden to. How cool is that?
My mentors have not only provided wise counsel and guidance. They have helped me sort through life in a way that no one else could. And somewhere over the course of our time together I have grown to love them as both friends and parental figures. At a time of life where I was dying to hear from God in any way, they turned out to be my first response.
So this is me saying that everyone should have a mentor (or be one if you've got life figured out). Someone older and wiser and who gets you (the most important trait in my opinion). Because we all love and desperately need to feel understood. Personally, having a couple has been perfect. Men and women provide different and valuable insight. I love what they individually bring to the table and what they provide together. One of them would be great, but both of them is even better. 

God provides miraculously and gives us glimpses of his provision to keep us going...they are my glimpses; the bright spots in my week (for some reason I adore the constant reality checks & questions that force me to spill what I'm really thinking).

I probably should have saved this one for Thanksgiving day, because it's very high on my list, but my mentors/friends that don't even know I have a blog, I thank God for you every day. 


Betsy said...

Well said -- and great idea. I'll look forward to know what else you're thankful for!

Sarah said...

A big AMEN here!

This also would be near the top of my "what I'm thankful for" list!

I wish I knew this couple so I could email them this post - what a compliment!

Looking forward to tomorrow's thankful...

leah said...

i had a feeling sarah would be piping in on this post :)

emily i'm so thankful with you that you have your's evident that God is in this friendship! man, i need to find some mentors...would anyone like to mentor me?! (sarah, you don't count..b/c you already are:))

Sara Huber said...

Can I comment here on your tweet? Piano Lessons??? Pray tell, sister.

Great to talk to you today!

emilykate said...

Sar...just realizing I would love to play piano. I want to take lessons now but I don't have a piano. So I'm just wishing I would have stuck with that.

Christen Leigh said...

We should live together-- you could use my keyboard, we could share books, could get another teacher.

Can you say.....Christmas duets?!?! :)