The Internal Conflict

While I would like to be positive and live in the moment and enjoy this beautiful fall we're having...I can't help but get a bit depressed. I've done a ton of driving this week (isn't it weird how done and ton rhyme...shouldn't done be spelled don otherwise pronounced like tone?) the many miles across Indiana this week I've noticed some trees are starting to look bare. Almost as if some flashback to a past trauma, I get a sinking feeling in my gut at the sight of bare trees, which remind me that this fall leads to winter and the long months of clouds, bare trees, dead grass, freezing temperatures, and ruined plans due to snow and ice.

Then I lose all optimism about this beautiful fall.

Maybe I have some sort of winter phobia. In Phoenix I said very confidently to the other girls that I would be totally fine never seeing snow again. And I meant it. Give me a desert with no grass and treacherous landscape any day over changing seasons. I know...most people don't agree.

However, this conflict arises because the only thing about cold weather that brings me consolation is...clothes. Yes, how shallow. But I love my fall/winter wardrobe. I love jackets, cardigans, my puffy vest, scarves, jeans, leggings, tights, sweats, and BOOTS. I love, love boots...Uggs, leather, ankle boots, mid-calf, knee boots. I love them all.

This is shedding light on why I never feel like I have anything to wear in the summer...because I don't like summer clothes and therefore buy as few of them as possible.

Maybe I like the comfort and security of cold-weather outfits...

Well anyways...there are my current thoughts on the weather.

***Disclaimer: I'm pretty sure a year ago or at some point I did a similar post (I'm too lazy to go back and look). But if this sounds's only because I really mean it. :)


Mark and Tricia said...

Sounds like you need to move to Florida!! The winters are fabulous here!! Yes, and you can still wear boots does get in the 50's. We welcome anyone to Sarasota!!! Come for a visit!

Linda said...

You get it honest :)

Joy said...

Emily- I agree with you. I remember you and I being the only people on FB who didn't like the snow. I am dreading the cold and I don't even like winter clothes. Oh, I LOVE boots but would much rather live in flip flops:)

smw said...

i'm with you all the way, except to add to the negativeness, i also hate winter clothes. so it's just 5 months of horror, as far as i'm concerned. :)

Christen Leigh said...

Although I do like the changing seasons.....I must agree that I am deeply dreading the cold weather!

I see a dramatic relocation in the future..... :)