so i haven't always despised pets...or been above posing with my pet.

on another blog, my sister betsy made a good point with this picture & the caption, "enough said".

here were some other comments...

mom: "I also remember Emily begging for a Golden Retriever (and saying she will have one some day), not to mention the Shitzu we had that was a disaster."

molly: "So great. I love it. The hair, the facial expressions. Em's mid-rift showing (didn't you bring that back again in middle school, Em?):)"
"Oh, if you had a golden retriever right now it would be the oddest thing in the world, Em."

but all this picture really proves is that...things change.

i no longer want a golden retriever or pictures with small dogs. i also no longer show my midsection and wear matching short/shirt outfits.

i do however, really like that picture. one of the few bonding moments with betsy as a young girl. and speaking of betsy...they are coming home this week!! friday, not only do i get to see my sister for the first time in a year, i get to finally squeeze this guy...


Betsy said...

Be careful, he bites! ;)

Can't wait to see you either!!!!!!

--John.and.Amy said...

I can't believe you missed pet day... John and I came over to the clubhouse to use the internet and the entire place smelled like dog poo. It was gross. :p

leah said...

oh man. hilarious. there is NOTHING better than pictures from the past no matter how scary or crazy they may be!

Thanks for sharing!

Christen Leigh said...

Haha! You are so cute! I think I have some distant memories of galavanting around with you at the age. SOUR POWER!!! :)

Loved your email--expect a response from me soon! To quote Rach.... "Lovies!!"


emilykate said...

Amy! I was going to text you and make some comment about that flyer...but forgot. Glad you at least somewhat agree with the ridiculousness. Good thing I wasn't around to deal with the stench. :)