my first trip up to the lake house for this season was an overall success...

- sun! i got some good laying out time and am happy to report that summer has arrived to my skin.

- good walk around the lake while having much needed catch-up time with my dad.

- a trip to the best dairy queen ever. seriously, everything is such good quality and amazing. and we all know how i feel about french silk pie blizzards. :)

- read a book from cover to cover...F. Scott Fitzgerald's, Tender is the Night. i would definitely recommend it, but it may not be some people's idea of a good read. not a "feel good" book, that's for sure. but i love the writing style and time period. similar themes to The Great Gatsby and also to one of my favorite books by Ernest Hemingway, The Sun Also Rises.

- ate fresh fish caught by my father and actually enjoyed it, which is rare. fish is growing on me.

- sunny afternoon walk on the beach and another good morning journaling session on the beach.

- and of course my standard bike route to my favorite shoreline road with my favorite house, that happens to be for sale. its a road i've always wanted a house on, my favorite summer vacation spot...the list goes on. see for yourself...

maybe someday...i'm hopeful.

but as always, a great trip, good time with my parents and their friends, and already looking forward to next time. ahh...summer.


Sarah said...

Oh my word! That house is AMAZING!!

Sounds like such a great, relaxing time.

Maybe see you again this weekend...?

Betsy said...

I'd spied that one before too, but how cool it is inside! Who knew...

Ryan just calculated, and if you were going on the "conservative Dave Ramsey approach to home ownership" you would need to make $450,000/yr. (and make a $300,000 down payment)

This is all take home pay, Ryan adds.

Hey, it could happen!

emilykate said...

Sarah, nope...things in Leo this weekend I'm sticking around for. My parents will be there though.

B, why do you think the salary is so high on my 'husband requirement list'? I'm thinking ahead. :)

Linda said...

We were glad for the time with you...thanks for the glimpse inside that house :) We got home around 5pm and dad is out mowing now. It was raining when we left at 12:30 so it wasn't hard to leave!

leah said...

oh my word...looks like you had an amazing could you not at that wonderful lakehouse?

i sure hope you took your dad's short-cut on your bike'd be a shame if you didn't...such a scenic route :D

emilykate said...

Ha, oh Leah, the big trail you're referring to...OF COURSE I took it! :)

Tricky said...

Sounds like a good time! Oh the beautiful Bass Lake....and what a splendid lake cottage that you spied! Glad you had fun :)

Sandra said... that is a gorgeous house!!! Think you have the money to buy it:)??
Its just a million dollars!!