it's time!

after reading a few other blogs this looks as if i'm not the only one ready to say good riddance to winter.

just a couple more weeks until the start of spring...and i'm fine with missing as much of the next couple weeks of winter as i can. so i'm out...

stop one: miami

stop two: key west

stop three: cozumel

i may or may not return. i've always said i'd love to just chill on an island for a year or so and ditch the u.s. for awhile...maybe this is my time.


L, An and boys said...

just don't forget your droid...=) a year is a long time without it I'm sure hee hee


Christen Leigh said...

Awwww you are going to have SOO much fun! Bring back the warm weather when you come home, my little sunbeam.

Yes, I just called you my little sunbeam..... a close second to "my little pelican". :)

Linda said...

Enjoy!...but please come back :)

Jon y Amy said...

Have so much fun!

Daveana said...

Have fun Em-