the "fun ship" she is. the destiny. complete with pools, clubs, a casino, buffets, multiple dining rooms, dance floors, running track, gym, get the point.

this was probably my favorite area...the pool deck.

key west

 the area that the boat docked in key west was amazing. quaint, clean streets with the coolest houses...very tropical and very southern. it felt like a movie set...kind of truman-showish.

 cozumel was less quaint, and very touristy. the beaches were fun but it was all a little too commercialized for me.

i thought this was a cool shot. our boat is on the left. there were 4 cruise ships all docked in cozumel. i think ours was the biggest.

and here are the two beautiful girls i spent my time with. it was funny (and pathetic) talking to people who had lost tons of money gambling...i don't think anyone we talked to had actually won big.

so i really don't have a ton of good pictures. all 3 of us had cameras and the other girls ended up taking the majority of the pictures. but this gives you a little insight into the trip. enough insight anyways. :)

i'm definitely going through vacation withdrawal. missing the sun, the view, the fun/amusing people, and of course...the food. i'm craving one of the vegetarian dishes from dinner on the cruise so badly right now...but it probably doesn't help that i have no groceries and have been living off of multi-grain cheerios and protein shakes since arriving home. 

 speaking of the was one of the desserts i had. everybody talks about how amazing cruise food is and how the average person gains 7 pounds on a cruise. i will agree...the food is phenomenal! (thankfully i don't think i gained weight) and the portions are really great sized so you can order an appetizer, main course, and dessert and not feel too stuffed at the end. it was definitely gourmet food and lots of fun and unique choices...i wish i would have taken more pictures of my meals!

i think my favorite part of the cruise was being surrounded by hundreds of people who were nothing like the people i'm usually surrounded by. it was refreshing to just be anonymous, meet fun and interesting people from all over the country, and just escape from indiana, foster care, and everyday life duties. switching back into 'reality' mode isn't going so well...

first cruise = success. i'm a fan and hopefully there will be more of these in my future!


Sarah said...

I was hoping you'd post pictures! Looks SO relaxing and beautiful!

Good job on going on a cruise and not gaining weight. I am wondering how that was possible. You must have good discipline!

Welcome home (uh, you probably didn't want to hear that)! :)

Sandra said...

yeah you posted!!! Ive been checking in daily:)....sure makes me want a cruise. Do I really have to wait till next year??? So glad you enjoyed your first cruise and had a great time. I agree...its fun being anonymous and just having fun:)

Tricky said...

Hey Em :) Glad you had such a grand sounds enjoyable!! Hope you don't have too muchh trouble getting back in the swing of things! Love ya!

Christen Leigh said...

Yay I am glad you posted pictures!

Although there seems to be a distressing lack of a certain blond bombshell in the pictures...... :)

Miss you!

leah said...

it's probably a good thing i didn't go...i would have at least gained 7lbs...


so glad you had a good time!

Daveana said...

Hey Em-

Didn't realize this was your first cruise. Glad you had fun!

Laura said...

looks so fun Em! I can totally see why you wish you were still there :)
love you!

Sara Huber said...

Fun recap Em! I like good food on vacation (well, all the time really) and I'm a little surprised the food was that great on a cruise. You would think cooking for such a large group and people not having any other options would make the chefs and food options so-so. That's great...makes me all the more want to jump on the Destiny. :)

Nick and Adrienne said...

Em your vacation looks so fantastic! Makes me want to put on flip flops, big sunglasses, and a sun dress and walk around a cruise ship... it might be a while I guess for us so I will live vicariously through you. My favorite pic was the dessert:)